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It's the weekend now, two weeks since school started and I'm already going on my first date with Liza. I'm getting ready right now, putting on some Jean shorts and a black T-shirt paired up with some classic white Nike airs and a white cap.

I'm gonna take her to to this one deserted skate park that no one goes to and we're gonna have a picnic.

I got some chocolate-covered strawberries, a Turkey croissant (with Turkey and stuff in it), water and orange juice. I'm wasn't really sure what drinks to get.

I'm gonna pick her up and we're gonna walk there, thankfully it's not too far from where I live.

It's around 4 right now and the sunsets around 6:30 so I have 30 minutes to kill until I have to leave the house so I decided to face time Alex.

"what up bro!" I exclaim as Alex picks up

"heyyy David" Alex replies in a sexy, raspy voice while extending his 'hey'

"oh shit did I wake you up?"

"nah nah I've just been in bed all day. what's up?"

"nothing much, I'm going on a date with Liza soon and I felt like talking to you. What's up with you? You sound happy."

"Well something happened recently and I guess I'm still not over it. and yeah, I am happy." Alex says cheerfully

"well I'm glad for you." I smile.

I flip the camera mode so he sees through the back camera, I'm pointing it at a full body mirror.

"what do you think?" I ask him

"I think you look great. Liza is gonna faint when she sees you"

"yeah I guess I have that affect on girls" I say in a cocky voice.

I take a quick glance at my watch and realise that I'm gonna be late.

"hey Alex listen, I gotta go bro or else I'm gonna be late. see ya!"

"okay bye David! have fun and tell me how it goes later on!"

"okay I will." chuckle "bye!"

He ends the call and in a swift motion I grap the basket I was taking and walk out of the door saying bye to my family. I have two sisters and a brother not that its relevant.

I start walking in a confident way with my back straight and my face smug with a slight prep in my step but I soon slouch down cause I was really uncomfortable. soon enough I get to Liza's house and knock on her door but I'm greeted with who I'm assuming is her mother.

"Hello! I suppose you're here for Liza?" she asks

"uh yeah, I'm David" I smiled feeling the awkwardness between us

"L-Liza will be down in a moment, just hold on." Liza's mom says before she walked back in to call Liza

I faintly hear her yell out "sweetie! David's here hurry up" and before I knew it Liza was here

"woah" I'm taken back as I look at her. She's wearing a cute pink sparkly dress that complements her complection and skin tone with some light pink flats. "Liza you look gorgeous." I compliment her

"you're not too bad herself." she says

"okay I'll see you guys later, don't be out too late!" Liza's mom demands "have fun!"

We start walking towards the abandoned skate park and eventually got there in ten or so minutes.

The entire time we were walking, we talked about anything and everything. Her favourite things, my favourite things and so much more. I made a couple of jokes and so did she.

unfortunately by the time we sat down to eat, there was nothing to talk about.
The concrete was pretty hard and uncomfortable but I didn't mind. Liza was with me and that's all the mattered.

we talked a little bit, here and there but nothing big.

"I have chocolate covered strawberries." I say in an awkward tone

"oh my God GIVE!" she practically lunged herself at me.

"okay okay jeez." I laughed. the sun was starting to set and we had an amazing view of the city. it was gorgeous. "y'know that sunset is almost as gorgeous as you are" I say in an attempt to sway her over

Liza blushes profusely as she looks down.

by the time we're done with the strawberries, the sun had set completely and we were starring up at the starry night sky

and for some reason, I thought of Alex.


I got home later that night  content with how the day passed. Whilst changing, I decided to face time Alex.

"yooo what up." Alex says cheerfully

"nothing much. I just got back from my date and I'm changing now. what up with you?"

"literally just stayed in bed all day. How was the date?' Alex asks intrigued

"to be honest, I wasn't really feeling it as much as I hoped to be feeling it, y'know?" say as I jump back into bed

"ah shit sorry you feel like that. Wanna get drunk?" Alex offers

"nah bro, I don't drink."

"alright fine."

Alex goes blank for a second, looking blankly at the screen as if he's read something then suddenly he bursts into a ditch of laughter. Seeing him happy like that makes me smile oddly and I can't really help it.

"sorry, I just got a text from Dom saying something funny. Anyhow, I have to go do something for my dad. See you at school!" Alex ends that call.

I put some of my favourite music on and put my phone to charge beside my bed as I shut my eyes, feeling a heavy weight lift off my shoulders. It feels absolutely amazing.


okay so that was that, kinda short but I hope you enjoyed yeeyee

leave any questions you have below and have a nice day!

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