Chapter 3

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Pic of Ollie's friend Jenny in the media!!


I fainted.

I woke up in a hospital.

Grunt boy was the only one there.

You could easily hear Tamaki in the hall as he screamed his head off though.

Good. Everyone else was okay.

"Hello Olive." My doctor came into the room.

"Doctor Ootori? where am I?"

"Ah. you passed out so the host club brought you here." he said 'host club' with extra venom in his voice, as if he didn't like them.

"O-oh. Did you talk to Doctor Maria?" Doctor Maria and Doctor Ootori were my two doctors that dealt with all my injuries. they've been my Doctors since I was 6. Well. Doctor Maria is my 'therapist' lady.

"Yes i did. I'm afraid that your father wants you to stay very close to the host club so that you can't injure yourself further."

"That makes absolutely no sense." I looked over at grunt boy, I felt bad that he was about to witness an argument with a crazy blonde chick who randomly appeared and a doctor. Yikes.

"They are to watch over you and make sure you don't hurt yourself further."


"Olive hold on a minute."

"No. I refuse. You know as well as I do that protecting my friends is what I do. if you're wondering why then shall we take a look into the past, hm?"

"Now Olive, calm down."


"And why not?" He started to sound a bit irritated at my stubborn behavior.


He went silent as he remembered the day I cracked. Soon Tamaki rushed into my room when he heard me yelling. I ignored him and continued my vicious glaring.

"I'm sorry Olive but this wasn't my decision. It was your fathers."

"Screw him, he doesn't know shit about me. And really? does he honestly care? because if he did hE PROBABLY WOULD'NT HAVE SEPARATED ME FROM MY BABY BROTHER!"

By this point the entire host club was in the room, awkwardly gawking at me; except grunt boy. he was looking at me curiously like he had a question.

"Kyoya call Maria." Dr.Ootori demanded his brother.

Soon everyone was outside the curtain, except Tama-chan.

"Oliver? What happened before?" I had never heard him so quiet. His usual, loud, obnoxious voice had disappeared and was replaced with a soft whisper.

I sighed and sat up further in my hospital bed.

"Tama, do you remember Jenny?"

"Your best friend in grade school!"

"I watched her die in front of my eyes. they had the Ootori police there and they grabbed me and held me back as I went to push her out of the way of a huge truck. they saw the truck coming too. they didn't let me protect her. it's all my fault. I should've died instead..."

Suddenly two people lean too far into the curtain and rip it off its hook. Those damn twins were listening the whole time! as Tamaki turned to yell at them Kyoya came back. "you've been released but we have to stay with you." he said plainly. as I get out of that wretched hospital I see grunt boy staring off into the distance looking rather sad.

"Hey. you never told me your name." I say as we walk slowly behind the others. The rest of the Host Club had introduced themselves, but not him...

"Takashi Mori. you can just call me Mori though."

"Okay Mori. mind me asking what's wrong?" he cringed. physically.

Just then the cute boy jumped onto his shoulders. "Taka-chan is just sad. your friend that you couldn't save is just like his sister."

Tears welled up In Mori's eyes.

"Olive Suoh? In grade school you had a best friend named Jennibelle Morinozuka didn't you?" suddenly all the pieces clicked into place.

"You're her brother?"

"Yes. I was."

"I'm so sorry. I should've recognized you sooner. I really do apologize."

"It's okay. Your disappearance and my sisters death is what brought Tamaki and I together."

"Oh. okay."

Then he hugged me.

Then he was carrying me.

"Uh-um-oh-ag." I stuttered hopelessly.

"MORI-SENPAI PUT DOWN MY SISTER! SHE MIGHT FREEZE!" nobody listened. I was kinda glad. I didn't want the Host Club to ask questions about my weird freezing.

Mori just kept carrying me.

And I let him.

Maybe being with the host club won't be so bad after all.

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