21 - Ragland

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Well well, would you look at that. A wild chapter appeared!

This one took a while to finish, but it has actually be laying around in my drafts for a while. I wasn't sure if it would be good enough that I could come up with something to continue with in a chapter 22, but ch22 is actually halfway done, so... I guess things work out in the end.

There's actually a lot I would want to rant about when it comes to ANM, but that could potentially take up an entire chapter, if not two, so I'll hand you a 'link' to the ANM tumblr instead in case I post it there. Also be sure to check out the ANM discord for live chatting and behind the scenes!



Shaun sighed where he stood leaned back on the fold-out table. That Dana person felt really suspicious to him and he didn't like her. She'd seemed harmless when she first entered the cellar two days ago, and he'd beared with her, so to speak. But he didn't trust her. It didn't matter how nice she played or how much Rebecca liked her - Shaun felt iffy about the whole thing. Lucy seemed to have calmed down, but he had reason to doubt that she was actually okay with it. She'd been holding a blade against the stranger's throat for crying out loud. She wouldn't let her walls fall in such short time, would she? No, that was close enough to impossible. That's what Shaun kept telling himself at least. It was impossible for them to trust her.

He watched as Lucy rose from her seat and walked over to the still-unconscious Desmond on his mattress. She pressed two fingers to his throat, apparently checking for a pulse, and Shaun saw her expression grow tight. Things weren't looking good right now. If they lost him, they would potentially lose everything. Desmond was the key to finding the Apple, and with that a chance to stand up against the Templars. They all knew that, and none of them could ignore it any longer. They had to spring into action, and if that was to search up that bloody doctor that they'd found, then so be it.

"Any changes?" he asked over the table, watching Lucy give merely a shake of her head as a response. Well, that was troubling. He would have expected her to at least tell them that he'd gotten worse or maybe that his fever had gone up. But apparently none of those, or maybe she didn't catch his question right.

"I managed to grab some shots from the pharmacy when we were there" Rebecca spoke up from where she sat. She was quickly on her feet and walked over to the corner where they stored all their things and what they'd salvaged then and now. Lucy stayed crouched beside Desmond, but looked at Rebecca with part of her lip clamped between her teeth. "Not much, but I'm pretty sure it's adrenaline of some kind. No pun intended, but it's worth a shot, right?".

There was actually a slight twitch in the corner of Lucy's lips as she took the syringes that Rebecca offered her, and Shaun actually heard himself snicker. No pun intended, huh? Well, it became one, and though the timing was the worse they could've had, they found it humorous. What a complete trash situation they'd found themselves in. Desmond was on the verge of death for his own stupidity, Rebecca was probably too focused on the damn stranger and Lucy despised them both for it. And himself, out of work for the time being because of Desmond. Had he not been unconscious on the floor, he would probably have been in the Animus by now. But noooo, he just had to ruin it all for them. What a gigantic ego.

Shaun snorted and walked around the table to sit down in Rebecca's claimed chair. If things came down to worst, they better have a backup plan.

It didn't take long until the walkie-talkie on the desk sparked to life and Shaun's voice was projected through it. "We ain't got all day, are you finding anything, or did you perhaps decide to take a coffee in these dire times?". Sarcastic as ever. Dana had gotten that from him by now. But then again, he had British roots and blood, and from what she had gathered, British people were prone to sarcasm. Wonder if there was any reason for that. Perhaps something in their genes...

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