Chapter 16

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I woke up feeling a heavy weight on top of me. I opened my eyes, squinting lightly from the small light that entered the room from the blinds being slightly open.

I looked down at the sleeping body that had been laying on top of me.

A nest of messy brown hair covered the face of women that had apparently slept with me last night.

Slight panic took over my body as I tired to remember last nights events. My head was swirling with questions and headache. I never drink, but last night was something else. All I remember was was taking a shot, and maybe a couple more after that. I lifted my arm, slowly using my fingers to move he hair out of the girls face.

My heart stopped and my face went red, realizing Salem had been cuddling on top of me.

I smiled down at her sleeping figure. She looked so calm and happy while sleeping. My thoughts quickly went back to the picture I remember seeing inside her apartment. I still had not known if the guy in the picture was her boyfriend or not. I shook my head, carefully lifting her a bit so that I may get up.

I set her down back onto the bed and pulled the sheets up onto her body. I grabbed my shirt from the chair in the corner of the room and put it on.

I went down stairs, going into the kitchen and pulling out a glass cup. I walked to the fridge and opened it, reaching for the milk an pouring myself a glass. I heard a door open from up stairs and out came scotty. He walked into the kitchen, opening the fridge and grabbing a water bottle. "So, you and Salem huh?" scotty said.

I turned around to face him and raised an eyebrow. "Me and Salem, what?" I said confused.

Scotty's facial expression changed from a smirk to being serious quickly. "You don't remember last night?" he asked curiously. I shook my head, not remembering a single thing. His mouth hung open a little bit, surprised I hadn't remembered.

"You and Salem were basically dry humping each other at the club, then you guys left by yourselves back to the hotel. When we came back you guys were asleep in bed. We all figured you guy's hooked up." scotty explained.

My eyes were wide and my mouth hung open. "Did we like... kiss?" I asked.

Scotty nodded his head, smirking. "You guys were making out hardcore." he said. My face went hot and I looked down. I smiled and then chuckled.

My mood changed from happy to mad in a split second. I can't believe I let myself kiss her not knowing if she had a boyfriend or not. I know mine and her flirting had been evident, but believe me after I saw the picture of her and that guy, I limited my flirting. I wasn't going to try to make a move until I found out if she had been dating him or not.

My face scrunched up and I could feel myself getting angier, partly because I should've known better but also because Salem hasn't said anything.

"What's wrong man?" Scotty asked. I looked up at him, my face still angry. "What wrong?" I asked madly. Scotty's face filled with surprise and he put his hands up.

"What's your problem all of a sudden?" Scotty asked. I took a step forward and stopped in front of his face. "I don't know if Salem has a boyfriend or not." I said between my teeth. Scotty's eyes widened and he backed up a little. "Why don't you ask her?" He said calmly. I shook my head and started laughing quietly.

"What makes you think she will tell me now after we did god knows what?!" I stated quite loudly. Scotty didn't answer, and for some reason that pissed me off even more.

"What's going on?" Salem said walking down the stairs.

My head whipped into her direction and I slightly calmed down. I went around the counter and sped walked up to Salem. I stopped right in front of her and she seemed very confused. "Do you remember anything from last night?" I asked. she shook her head and looked but and me.

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