preschool pt. 1

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daddy pov

"scwool, dada?", she bounces on my leg.
"yep, you get to go to preschool with other littles like you"
"i no big girl", she pouts.
"no, you're still my little princess. daddy just thinks i'd be good for you to go there in the day instead of stay at home", i try explaining.

i can tell she isn't understanding any of it because she's now play with her tutu and not even acknowledging that i'm talking to her.

"when iz go?"
"we're gonna leave right now"
"otay", she gets on to ground and waddles next to me all the way outside to the car:

she had been having accidents pretty regularly or just not being able to control her bladder whatsoever. i though since i would be very busy with work that it'd be best for her to go to preschool sometimes.

she would be with other littles her head space age. i think she'd like it.

i buckle her up in her car seat and we drive off. half way there she started to complain, "dada, i no want big diapie", she whined.

she was referring to her super thick diapers i've been buying.

"princess, you keep wetting your self and since you have a big girl bladder. you tinkle a lot", she giggles at the word tinkle.

the she starts to bounce and giggle even more. i knew she was probably relieving herself.

"dada, i tinkle", she giggles and i hear a single fart noise. "an poo poo"

yup this is why she needs to go to preschool.

once we get there, i take her out of her car seat and we walk in together. she instantly gets shy and hides behind me. once of the nice caretakers come and say hello to us.

"hi, i'm ms. lizzie. your teacher today", she gets done on her knees to be eye level with princess.

princess doesn't look out her.

princess pov

i was scared. all the loud screaming of the other littles made me scared. i didn't like loud noises. the lady came down to see me but i didn't look at her. i just held on to fluffy and sucked my binky.

"i can take her from here", the lady says and daddy lets go of my hand.

nooooooo. daddy.

as soon as he let go. i tried to reach up to his hand again to grab it but it was no use. the lady held out her arms so she could pick me up. i didn't wanna be picked up by a stranger. only mommy or daddy.

i pouted.

"come on, princess. it's okay", daddy said and i walked up to the lady and she picked me up.

she cradled me like a baby. it made me happy to be carried this way. she slightly bounced me and daddy gave her my diapie bag and blankie.

i guess i would get to take a nappy.

too soon enough daddy waved to me and left. i felt my heart break watching daddy leave. what if he never comes back? what if he finds a new little at work or something that's better than me? what if he stops loving me? what if he forgets about me? a stupid little.

tears rush down my face and i begin to cry. loudly. i open my eyes to see a bunch of people looking at me and my face went red. the lady bounced me and tried to soothe me. it didn't work. i was still upset.

she brought me to a door and opened it. a few other girls and a few boys were in there. none of them were wearing diapers or pull up. making me feel even more alone. they were coloring pictures and painting with their hands.

it looked fun.

but all the littles stared at me as if i was weird or something. the lady continued to rock me. i was getting sleepy from all this rocking and bouncing.

she sniffed me, "oh! it smells like someone had an accident", i blush as all the kids snicker and laugh at me.

i hide my face in her shirt, "i sworry"
"it's okay"

she goes to the front of the room and there's a changing table. she places me on it and starts to undo my diaper.

right in front of everyone.

"no", i mumble.
"what's wrong?"
"e-everybody w-watch", i say trying not to cry again.
"it's okay, it happens to all of us"

she spreads my legs open and all the kids turn to watch me. she slowly wipes me and i suck on my paci. some of the kids giggle when she pulls off my huge diaper fully loaded.

she powdered me and gets me a new diaper. at this point i'm crying from embarrassment. she cooed and rocked me. my tears stop.

she places me on the ground without my shorts on. the new diaper was even thicker then the one before.

"your diaper is too big for shorts, it's okay", i pout. "now go paint or color", i find an empty table and get some paper and some paint.

i missed daddy. he would play with me if he was here.

"baby, why don't you go paint with the nice girls over there?", she points to the table filled with giggling girls.

i don't wanna make new friends. i already have some.

she picks me up and places me in a chair next to one of the girls. the girl scoots away from me.

"sooo what's your name?", the red headed girl asked.
"princess", i mumble through my paci.
"your real name, dummy", they all laugh.

dummy? i not a dummy.

"i not a dum dum", i mumble back.
"you sound like one", she giggles.

i pout and they giggle again. i officially hated preschool.

"hey! what's. your. name?", another girl says really slowly as if i wouldn't understand.
"it-its...oh its rowan", i ask almost forgetting my own name.
"isn't that a boy name?"
"no, iz a girl", i cross my arms.

"okay kids, art time it over!", the lady says to the class and everyone shuffles to the classroom sink.

i look at my blank piece of paper. i didn't even get to color. so not fair.

the lady sees that i'm sad, "it's okay, you can paint tomorrow"

tomorrow? i have to come back? oh geez.


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