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As of this update, Daughters of Fate Book 1 has surpassed 4,600 reads!

Thank you for continuing past the last chapter!  All my readers are important to me, but I would like to take a moment to thank some people that have really made Publishing Daughters of Fate [Book 1] a very rewarding process.

First of all, a very special thank you to FantasybkLover who was one of, if not the most loyal reader of every chapter I posted with comments and votes from start to finish.

Next, an equally special thank you to AngieHough who thought so highly of this book that she felt inspired to nominate it for The Fiction Awards.  That someone believed so much in my work means so much to me.


Thank you to Arkotract for this wonderful promotion of my work in the Wattpad Forums!

"Absolutely amazing high fantasy with a unique world, concept and adventure."


Thank you to ModernWaterRider for saying this wonderful snippet about my story in the Wattpad Forums!

"Daughters of Fate ... the story is wonderfully written, and has some of the best character work I've ever seen on Wattpad."


Thank you HassanTheAthenian to for saying this about my story!

"Btw, you definitely should start the querying process for trad publishing in my opinion, if you haven't already. Your work deserves to be recognized widely."


"I haven't come across a book as standard and as amazing as yours. There's a reason you got those 1st winner stickers."

Thank you, BlackKnight77 for saying this about my story on the Wattpad message boards!



There are so many people that have read this story and left comments and I love all of the feedback! I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to some of the most active and voracious early readers of this book. I don't mean to purposefully leave anyone out, and I will be editing and revising this list as time goes on! Basically, if I know that you have commented frequently, left really awesome feedback, and/or read most, if not all of the chapters, this section is for you!










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