Other Stories by Mathias Cavanaugh

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Please take a moment to check out my other books.  It would mean a lot to me to get feedback and comments.  My other books can be found at MathiasCavanaugh here on Wattpad and include:

Daughters of Fate Series:

Daughters of Fate [Book 1] **Completed**

Daughters of Fate [Book 2] **Completed**

Daughters of Fate [Book 3] **NOW PUBLISHING!**

Other Books:

Tales of the Inglorious Brotherhood [Volume 1] **Episode 1 Complete** **Episode 2 Now Playing**

Other Stories:

The Sharded Blade (Part 1: Ghosts of the Past) | 2020 Open Novella Contest Entry **Completed**

Nana's Pet Demon (Short/Flash Fiction) ⭐ Dec 2019 WP @Magic  Writing Prompt Winner ⭐

The Snow Dragon (Short/Flash Fiction) ⭐ 2019 Aim To Engage @HighFantasy Winner ⭐

The Color of Rage (Short/Flash Fiction)

Daughters of Fate Book 1 | An Original Fantasy AdventureWhere stories live. Discover now