Letting Go

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Laura's POV

As I wake up I automatically check the time, it's 10am! Skylar should be waiting at the office to go to the war! Oh my god, I can't believe she didn't wake me up! 

I quickly shoot up and get changed into black sweatpants and a black t-shirt. I rush downstairs where everyone else should be, I look around and see everyone... crying? I go up to Cara, who is hugging Eric.

"Guys?" I ask. "What happened?"

"We just told you..." Says Nathan, wiping a couple of tears off his face. 

"What do you mean?" I ask, obviously VERY confused at the moment, please explain humans. "Also! Why didn't you guys wake me up so I can say bye to Skylar?! She's going to be gone for TWO YEARS and I couldn't even say goodbye!"

They all stop crying and look at me with a worried and sad look. I raise my eyebrow and someone finally speaks up. 

"Laura..." Says David. "We just got a call back that Skylar didn't make it. She died during the war..."

"WHAT?!" I yell. "She's just going there right now!"

I turn my phone on and point it at their faces, I look at it and it reads 10:12am. I look a little down on what the date is and see June 11, 2020...

"What the..." I mutter.

I hear the doorbell ring and go to open it, I see the DoD with his arm raised up in the position they usually have it in for the army, I don't know what you call it and I've never bothered to search it up. But, there's something beside him, it seems to look like a... coffin?

"Laura Mitchell?" He asks, I nod. "You are the person that we have to notify on the sad loss of Skylar Grey. We are very sorry for your loss, as she was such a wonderful human being."

I feel the cold yet warm tears flow down my cheeks.

"NO!" I yell. "THIS IS YOUR FAULT!" I punch his chest, he just stands in the same position. "YOU MADE HER COME BACK!" I feel someone pulling me away from him, I don't let them. But after a while, I let them, and I feel arms around me while I continue kicking and crying.

"LAURA!" Yells Skylar, shaking me.

I look around and see that I'm back in the bedroom, I quickly get my phone and check the date and time. It's 7am, May 28th 2019. Oh thank god, it was just a dream.

"Laura..?" Asks Skylar, oh my god! She's alive! I engulf her in a hug, she seemed surprised as she didn't hug back automatically, but after a couple of seconds, she does. "Laura, are you okay?"

"I'm sorry, it's just I had a bad dream." I shake my head, pulling away. "I had a dream that you died in the war and.. I uh... yeah."

"Oh my god." She says hugging me. "I'm sorry, but, I promise you, I'll be back in the hospital with you in no time."

"You better be..." I say, pulling away and instead, kissing her.

After a while we go downstairs where everyone else is, we sit down and start eating. We have exactly seven hours until Skylar has to be at the office with the DoD.

"Alright!" Says Cara. "What are we gonna do?"

"Paintball?" Ask Eric, David, and Nathan.

"Sure!" Says Skylar.

"No!" Yell Cara and I.

"It's four vs two." Smirks Skylar. "We win, let's go to paintball!"

"B-but!" I say.

"No buts!" Says Nathan. "Let's go!"

"Haha buts..." Says David, Eric smacks him on the back of the head. "OW!" He says, rubbing the back of his head, while I just laugh.

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