So You've Heard

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By dawn, the roosters were already crowing. Chu Feng had to wake up early to check on the seeds. The seeds were planted last night -before she went to sleep- outside her door.

Mei was already awake doing laundry outside in the courtyard. Chu Feng had made sure that everything, even washing clothes and cooking happen in her courtyard since her courtyard was third biggest compared to all the other courtyards.

"Mei," Chu Feng called out. "Go buy some books about planting."

Even if she did know about planting through reading the story, she wanted to at least have more knowledge in case whatever she tries to copy off the female leads don't work out for her as she may be bound by the halo of a mob character.

Mei left the courtyard and Chu Feng sat down under the shade of a Willow tree.

Was Mei the only maid in her courtyard? When she first got to the Zhou Residence, there were many. But now, they all seem to disappear for some unknown reasons. Either way, those maids must have left to serve the new favored wives. If she sees them, she will give them not a taste of hell but hell itself. Chu Feng's eyes flashed with a glint for a second. 

She crossed her arms and pulled out her hair ornaments. Even if she was the first wife and holds more authority than the other two, those maids would choose the other two. Chu Feng can't really argue with it because if she was a maid, she would also do the same. But right now, she is not a maid but the master. It pains one to be betrayed by those who served you for a month.

By 'pain' Chu Feng meant that it was a pain to deal with their disloyalty.

Now that she was grounded, she couldn't even leave the place. Well, as long as no one disturbs her, it would just be a relaxing one month. She'll also have time to find out about Han Qin Xi's past and plan ways to escape the Zhou residence.

Just as Chu Feng was thinking, something black flashed by and into her arms. A little furball, it was with three tails and two heads. 

'Ah shit' Chu Feng thought as she looked at the beast in her hands. It's the damn female lead's beloved pet. If it was here then this was the point where the female lead's mother and the female lead comes to visit Madam Zhou and the male lead. 

What luck Han Qin Xi has, to always attract trouble. This small beast just had to come to her courtyard. Doesn't it know that it will cause trouble for her?

Of course not.

Chu Feng immediately grabbed the beast and walked to her door while carrying the beast. 

"I'm not your master. Go find her. She will be in the place covered with the most gold and diamonds." Chu Feng opened the door and let go of the beast. It was the correct way to describe the Zhou residence Hall to a beast.

The beast was destined to die today. Well, in the story, the beast is killed by Han Qin Xi as she thought it was going to kill her. She had the right to kill it. It was self defense and she did not know what the beast was. If a beast showed up in your house, you would kill it before it would do anything to you.

But what happened after was that Han Qin Xi was labeled violent and crazy. No one cared if it was for self defense. She killed Madam Zhou's most valuable visitor's daughter's pet. Even the female lead looked at Han Qin Xi with eyes like daggers. She must be punished for it.

Chu Feng wouldn't let it happen to her so she watched the small beast walk away until it disappeared from her sight. She sighed and closed the door.

The sound of a bell jingled as she walked towards the willow tree. 

Damn. One after another.

Chu Feng looked up and saw that it was still only dawn. Only thirty minutes had passed.

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