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I ran back to the house at speeds that would've beaten the fastest Alpha werewolf. I shifted back into my human form once I reached the door and went up to my room. I collapsed on to my bed and sighed. After a minute of yelling at myself mentally, I decided to have a depression afternoon.

I changed into gray sweatpants that were way too big for me, a gray sweatshirt that said Brooklyn in red letters across the front, and threw my hair back in a ponytail. I also put on fuzzy socks. Nothing says depression like fuzzy socks and sweatpants.

I grabbed a pint of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream from the freezer and turned on Netflix. I really do love Netflix. It brings me so much joy in life. Seriously, how can people survive without it? I don't know what I'd do without Netflix. It truly is a gift from the gods.

I scrolled through movies and shows to watch, hesitating on Supernatural. I do love Supernatural. I haven't seen Sammy and Dean in a while...

I decided not to, since I was in depression mode and I didn't want to ruin Supernatural with my depression. It is such a wonderful TV show. It brings me joy. For all you haters who hate Supernatural, I will kindly invite you to make sure the door doesn't hit you on the way out. I have a finger reserved for you haters, and it's illegal in two countries (that I know of).

In the end, I decided on One Tree Hill. Chad Michael Murray is pretty hot. And it's the perfect show to watch while eating ice cream and being depressed. The hotness of the dudes really help. You go Chad!!!

I clicked on a random episode, as I've seen all of them, and began eating my ice cream. I did this for most of the afternoon, crying at emotional parts in the show and yelling at the characters when they did something stupid. It was your average day.

I ate lunch about halfway through an episode, since I was getting hungry. I hadn't realized that I skipped all but second hour. Tristan would surely yell at me, but frankly I don't give a shit. I do what I want, how I want, whenever I want. If my mom says its okay.

Kidding, I have my own rules. And besides, rules are meant to be broken. Otherwise, why would we have them? They're more like guidelines, really. And who reads the terms and conditions anyway? Besides, it's your own life. You should decide how you live it and deal with your own consequences. Nobody should tell you what to do, they should only warn you of things.

Okay, I'm going to stop on all the deep psychological shit. I've been watching way to much Dr. Phil and Oprah. Damn you Drake and Josh for making me watch Oprah. I just wanted to see what Josh's obsession about her was all about, and look what happened. Don't even get me started on Dr. Phil.

I made myself a sandwich, since I do make pretty awesome sandwiches if I do say so myself, and continued on my One Tree Hill marathon. It was getting good. Besides, I love the character Haley. She has such an awesome name.

"Seriously, you're not gonna shut the freaking door right when you see it's not Lucas!" I yelled at the TV as the character Peyton saw her crazy stalker ex brother who wasn't really her brother.

Okay, basically this guy is in love with her because she looks like one of his ex girlfriends whom he accidentally killed in a car crash, and has stalked her, and pretended to be her brother. They put him in jail, but he faked that phone call to Peyton and now he's back to kidnap her to make their own prom. See why I'm mad?

"Yeah Lucas, definitely walk away," I said sarcastically as Chad Michael Murray walked away from Peyton's house.

Another background information: Lucas and Peyton are dating, but Peyton didn't want to go to prom but changed her mind, and Lucas didn't go in because he was waiting for Peyton, but she was being held by Derek (the crazy stalker dude) and couldn't yell for him. And now he's going to prom alone. I was going to slap that boy.

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