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Princess Momoko Akatsutsumi POV

I woke up in my glorious pink bed and to the washroom. I fixed my tiara on my head and headed to the front hall.

"Momoko!" Kuriko cheered "Good morning."

" Good morning," I smiled in reply.

" Do you think Mother and Father will eat with us today?" She asked

"Probably," I smiled falsely. They never eat with us. Kuriko keeps her hopes so high, so I won't spoil it for her.

I walked to the balcony and sat on the chair set by the table.

I wonder what it's like down there? In the village. Must he fun. Having friends and fun.

"Princess!" Lady Bellum called

"Yes Lady Bellum?" I answered

"Oh your out here. Do come inside." She said

"Yes mam," I said taking a last glimpse at the village. Everyone looked so small. I'll never get to have that life.

Brick POV

"I'm-a sorry I don't-a speak-a french," I mocked the man

"That's Italian dumbass," Butch said

"I know my accents!" I laughed

"I seriously doubt that," Boomer said kicking the log holding the tavern barrels. A few men yelled at us it I didn't care really.

"Bout time you got back," Blitz said throwing another knife on the wall

"Sorry to keep you waiting Mr "I stay in the Shadows." Butch laughed

"I wouldn't be caught dead with you three," he hissed

"That's mean to your own family," I said

"You guys are why I don't have any friends." He growled

"We didn't choose the life of thieves. It choose us." Boomer said

"Yeah right," he replied

"Come on big baby, eat up." Butch said throwing a fruit to him. "Until King Akatsutsumi wants to share food, we have to steal to live."

"Gotta eat to live, gotta steal to eat." Boomer chuckled

"Amen," I laughed. I swore I saw the Princess though.

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