Chapter 33: Story time

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"And why wouldn't he? You work with him, you're his right hand..." Bella asked abruptly confusion plastered on her face.

"Because of Nicole." Daniel murmured shamefully.

"What with Nicole?"

"Nicole and Nico had a thing of their own..." Daniel explained non detailed.

"I still don't get it."

"Nicole betrayed Lewis with Nico. She married Lewis a few years ago, but then she just wanted more. She made a lot of mistakes."

"Nicole was married? That's not possible. How I didn't knew that" Isabella panicked shaking her head.

"You know nothing Isabella Franchetti." Lewis chuckle sarcastically. "Nicole and I meet before she started working with Minttu, but when she did."

" Nico really ruined her...."

"Oh please, she didn't kill my son because of Nico!" Lewis replied harshly. She wanted money, she wanted and I gave her everything she wanted including the love she never deserved and she only ruined my life. She stole from me the most important thing I had."

Silence dawned between the three when Daniel looks at his friend. Isabella knew those two were probably confidants and now she also knew something more about them.

"I'm glad I was the one who ended her today." Isabella looked confused. What ended mean?

"Lewis saved you from her." Daniel admitted sending him a side smile. "When she pulled the trigger and missed the shot, Lewis got her. He saved you." He killed her? For her?

" I wish I personally could've punched her to death." Bella admitted with a eyeroll.

"Well Valtteri almost did it but Daniel was whining about taking you home and we both agreed that she would die anyway so you were the most important." Lewis shrugged watching a ghost of a real smile creeping up Bella's lips. "Don't think I did it for you, it wasn't. She had a debt with me, and I don't really like debts." He sighed opening the door to leave.

"Master? Mr. Hamilton?" He turned around tiredfuly. "Thank You."

"We got you kid." He gave a small nod to her and Daniel, closing the door behind him while Bella still though about all the information she got in just minutes, suddenly remembering how Dan was so close to her. Despite the pain all over her body, Isabella was immediately in Dan's arms, the Australian hugging her back tightly.

"I'm so sorry." He mumbled against the side of her head." I promise I'll never ever let anyone hurt you again love. I wont."

"No, it was my fault." She cried. "But you saved me, you saved me again, like you've been doing for a long time now."  She bit her lower lip looking up into his amber eyes." I'm safe because of you, I'm alive because of you."

Pain flashed through his eyes as he frowned shaking his head.

"We're both alive because of you. And right now I couldn't care less about security when I almost lost the only woman I truly Loved. "

The last time Daniel said the L word was when they kissed for the first time, one day before she was kidnapped, yet those words were imprinted in her mind, now she was incredibly heartwarmed with his confession.

"I was so scared I wouldn't see you again." She admitted, watching Daniel leaning his forehead against hers, pecking her lip simultaneously. "I'm sorry Dan."

"I'm here now, and I'm not going anywhere baby." She shuffled on the bed watching how Daniel removed the hella expensive tux, sitting down to remove his shoes then joining her in the rather cooler bed. Dan wrapped his arms around her, while she leaned against his muscular chest, feeling his so welcoming radiant warmth, his woody perfume invading her nostrils, his fingers slowly moving circles on her arm, careful not to hurt her broken ribs, as his heart beat in a steady pace, like it always did.

"Where are we?"

"In a safehouse in Austria. It's our house." He assured her.

Isabella felt her head going light, dizziness somehow inside her brain but she didn't want to miss an opportunity to talk to Daniel, she wanted this for so many weeks.

"What you've been up to since I was gone?" She randomly asked receiving a chuckle as response. "I'm serious."

"hm okay..." He cleared his throat. "Might have sold and imported more cocaine, new guns, a few stores and shoppings, you know just the usual."

"Sounds fabulous to me." Daniel's deep chuckle rumbled through his chest vibrating, giving her a warm feeling. "Where's your boss?"

"Kimi went to Finland with Antonio and Sebastian. I believe they will be back soon, since they heard about Nico." He simply replied. "God this is awkward."


"Our conversation." He laughed shaking his head."I've never been in this situation, I don't know what am I supposed to do."

Isabella chuckle lowly nodding, not saying much back because of how tired her limbs felt and how sincerely grateful she was for all of this.

"You should rest a bit love."

"What time will you go?"

"I told you, I'm not going anywhere." he whispered leaving a long kiss on top of her head, Isabella snuggled even more in his arms.

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