Chapter 33: Story time

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Daniel sat down in the couch against the wall with a sigh, his legs tiredfully hurt from so much pacing back and forth the room.

He had never felt this anxious before, he had never felt his hands hitching and his heart beating harshly against his chest like he did now. Of course he had felt scared before, but that was before any of this madness happened, that was before all of this, that was before her.

"She's home Dan, she's safe now." Lewis spoke quitely against the door half open. They were able to leave the compound safely since Nico's every men who stayed behind were killed by Danil, Lewis and Daniel's men. Now back in a safehouse in Austria, Daniel still wasn't able to calm down. He had never seen him like this before, and that only meant he cared for that girl. He pretty much risked his own skin and the whole gang for her.

But what bothered Daniel the most was how he believed he couldn't give her what she deserved. He would never be able to take care of her, of love her as she deserved. This kidnap was a proof of it and now, looking at her beautiful olive smooth skin completely bruised, her bodyweight dropped drastically and her soul through her eyes before she fainted in his arms, Man, he had never felt more guilty about something like he did now.

Daniel was feeling a deep type of guilt. Hell the whole Cosa Nostra felt somehow guilt because they were probably the reason she almost got killed. They were the reason she was raped, beaten, they were the reason she was here. Daniel was the main reason.

"Basta! Stai manzo!" (that's enough, Don't worry). Lewis shook his head releasing a sigh. "she's fine, she's alive and all thanks to you."

Daniel wanted to protest, he wanted to blame himself, to say anything but that softest voice he's been wanting to hear all day called out. She was awake.

"Daniel!" She bit her lip when their eyes meet, the tears already forming around her brighter orbs.

"It's okay, it's okay baby." He shushed burying his face in her now clean and combed hair.

She felt and looked so much skinnier than she was, her cheeks and face ghostly pale, her eyes looked bigger and brilliant when she glanced up at him. Some bruises were still fresh, others were scars, others even turning purple. She moved her arm to the side slightly freezing when she felt it a bit heavier.

"The bullet only scratched." Daniel explained when she looked at her arm. Nicole did that? Where was she?

"I'm sorry." She whispered unable to look him in the eyes.

"No, it wasn't your fault."

"It was. If I had listened, if I had just listened to you, to Valtteri and Emilia."

"He would have found you anyway." She looked up confused as Daniel admitted.

"No, he wouldn't."

"Nicole was working with him, so yes he would have found you." She looked up at the door where Lewis was laying against the wall, arms crossed. "Your decision might have sounded irresponsible and dumb, but you actually saved us all including yourself." He continued

"What?" She asked confused looking between Lewis and Daniel who nod with his eyes closed. " I put you danger, Nico wanted to know who I was with..."

"If he had found you here with Daniel, he would have killed you both. You saved him."

"I would have defended her, I would have defended everyone." Daniel replied.

"You wouldn't. If Nico is working with the Germans then he has more influence than we imagine." Lewis sighed shaking his head. " Listen, you more than anyone know how much I don't fuck with Nico and I never will. He's a bastard who's always screwing shit but Kimi never believed me."

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