Chapter Forty

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Kita floated cross-legged above the concrete slab of the radio tower. She pressed her fingertips together in her lap as she admired the desert landscape from atop the mountain. The desert had a similar deadly beauty as space. Though the desert took days to kill, and space took seconds. The Angels and Autobots pulled into the gravel parking lot down the slope from her.

"Kita?" called Apocalypse from fifty feet away.

"Don't interrupt her," said Aspen.

"What is she doing?" said Sapper.

"She might be meditating with her cloud. If you interrupt the connection, it can cause painful feedback."

"How do we get her out?" said Nemesis.

"You have to wait."

"How long?" said Apocalypse.

"Kita can meditate for days."


"If she can mediate that long she should be the calmest person on the planet," Nemesis said with a huff.

"Kita doesn't do it to find inner peace. She does it to find the secrets of the universe," said Aspen.

"I thought she knew the secrets of the universe," said Apocalypse.

"Kita and I set the rules of the universe and set it off. We don't know what goes on inside it."

Leaf is correct, my cloud's knowledge is only useful for broad concepts in this universe, not details, leaving me to chug through Transformer DNA and programming on my own to find an exploit to use against the Decepticons. Just because I'm not meditating doesn't mean I want to be bothered. The Pentagon should have contacted Kimmy about my intrusion.

"So, we wait?" said Sapper.

"I can try a cloud connection and see if I can bring her out," said Aspen.

The group moved closer, and Aspen flittered up to Kita. She went to put a hand on Kita's knee. With blinding quickness, Kita grabbed her around the wrist. Aspen stiffened, but didn't fight.

"Kita?" said Aspen cautiously.

"If I wanted to be disturbed, I would have told you where I was going."

"Angel, we're worried about you," said Apocalypse. "You haven't told us what you're doing."

"The job of the fallen. To do what must be done, so the innocent remain pure. I will strike down your enemies with an unholy fury and cleanse the land of the scourge that pollutes it." And to think I used to believe that. How naïve I was.

"What the hell is she talking about?" said Nemesis.

"The fallen are supposed to deliver the retribution of the innocent upon the wicked," said Aspen.

Kita chuckled. "Something I used to tell myself to justify my actions. But I discovered you can't save everyone. Someone, somewhere, will suffer that did not deserve it. In the end, I learned an important lesson. Life is sacred. Individual lives are not. Tell me, Nicole, Kimmy, Arcee—would you sacrifice half a planet's population to save the other half?"

"It is a heavy price to pay, but the outcome is worth the price," said Arcee.

"What are you planning?" said Apocalypse.

"Do you have the conscious to do it or not?" Kita mused.

"'A single death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic,' said Stalin."

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