Play Along - Daniel Ricciardo

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LA was your favourite place on earth, but you hated how cold it was lately. You tugged the scarf around your neck just a bit closer, adjusting your beanie on top of your wavy hair.

You were too stressed with your personal life but so grateful for another busy day at work. But you easily admitted that your favourite part of the day was going to your favourite coffee shop, and your mind drowned in a book, your usual favourite thing in life.

The bell of the warm place ding when you pushed the door open, and you felt your heart dropping slowly into your stomach when you saw your ex sitting there, his long fingers wrapped around the usual drink he had whenever you two frequented that coffee shop together, until three months ago when he broke up with you. This might have been the first time since your relationship ended that you dragged yourself to that place knowing how much it reminded you of him, and guess what? It was close to your work too.

Well but this time the fucker wasn't alone. A blue eyed stunning blonde sat opposite from him, and as you pushed the door open his eyes immediately meet yours, causing your body to freeze.

"It's freezing in here, someone might have opened the door." She spoke up .

"I-uh I don't know love "

You felt your heart hurting from beating so fast and hardly against your chest it when you heard his voice for the first time for so long. You looked at him the same way he did to you the day he left your apartment like a worthless piece of shit.
But he didn't have the same effect on you anymore and that only made you walk confidently into the shop.

"Is that her?" The blonde asked in a suspicious tone and that only rang an alarm. How did she knew you? He still had your pictures in his wallet? Inside his apartment? How?

"She's crazy love, I have no idea why she's following us." He replied in the same tone probably watching you. At this point you felt your anxiety kicking in when you reached the counter, a hint of nausea hitting you hard.

"I am so sorry my love. Michael held me for training and he kinda forgot how mad you get when I'm late." You slight jumped at the sudden presence turning towards him. The most handsome man stood beside you, he was a bit older surely, he had beautiful amber sparkling eyes, the most attractive dimples, and a soft mop of curls decorating the masterpiece he was and the man stood there speaking and looking directly into your eyes. "The silent treatment I see eh? I still love you baby girl." He teased placing a hand on the small of your back, offering you a sweet smile and a wink. You were sure he had mistaken you with someone else, but the way his amber eyes scanned yours confidently told you otherwise.

"Come on, let's order then. What will you want today?"

"A macchiato." You stuttered as you tried to ignore how sexy he looked and how amusing was to see your ex eyes burning into you.

The man by your side sighed watching you eyes attentively. You know he wanted to do something but you weren't sure what it was. "I missed you." You nod as he leaned in as to kiss your cheek, instead whispering something and wrapping his arm around you waist.

"What's your name?" He spoke softly and lowly watching your chills through your spine.

"Y/N." You replied still slightly confused.

"Y/N, so beautiful." You were sure you'd faint just at how he looked inside your eyes, you were sure you had never heard someone call your name like that.

"Daniel and Y/N!" The Batista wrote your names down the cups and smiled.

His name is Daniel.
Daniel and YN.

Daniel leaned into you to block the fire from your ex who sat behind you.

"Play along." He winked slightly pointing towards your ex.
That's when you finally understood what he was doing. Daniel must be watching or overhearing the remarks of those two humans sitting near you two now.

"Thank you." You finally smiled feeling your cheeks warmed up as you looked at his taller figure.

"No need to thank me baby, after all you're my love." You watched how he genuinely spoke gazing into your eyes He gave you a wink and you were sure he would kiss you for the way he was leaning forward.

"What the actual hell?" You and Daniel heard a chair being shoved and the yelling from behind Dan, you two turning fast enough to spot your ex getting up from the table.


"Fuck off." He replied to the blonde storming off the shop while his girlfriend murdered you with her blue eyes following the path your ex just made.

"Well seems like someone is not over you yet "

"But I am. He's an ass." You shook your head following Daniel to one of the nearest tables.

"You don't need to stay. I mean I don't want to make you uncomfortable."

"What? No I wanna buy you the entire coffee in the world." He chuckle when You joked. "Thank you so much." You took a sip of your drink watching Dan's grin growing.

"Why not helping out a beautiful woman." He winks placing his drink in front of you."since you're already here you could always tell me more about you."

"Is this a date?" You cheeks heat up when he giggles watching you.

"Hey you're the one saying it, not me." He laughed shrugging watching how you genuinely smiled.
You couldn't believe how easy was to talk to him, and feel that weird connection with that man, a connection that started from something absolutely ridiculous.

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