Real or Fake?

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Chu Feng thought and thought about it, while still underwater. After running out of oxygen, she went back up to the top. She gasped for air.

Was Han Qin Xi also a Flower Maiden? If so, then she couldn't have died so easily in the story by being burned to death by the male lead's family. 

Of course, the readers wouldn't know the real story behind a mob character only there to die and be foil for the female lead. 

"Miss?" Mei asked outside the door. The lady of hers has been in the bathing room for the passed two hours. 

Chu Feng thought it was time to go but she will need to make sure no one saw that her wounds had healed. No "normal" person can have their wounds healed within a day, even those with great cultivation. They still need to be healed and eat medicine.

By the time Chu Feng was back into her room, the sun had already fallen. She sat down on her broken bed. She sighed once again. 

He didn't have to break her bed. She still needed to sleep on it. 

Then, she called for Mei to bring her, her food. While Mei was gone to get the food, Chu Feng walked to the door and closed it. She checked her surroundings and took out her bags of Brown Spirit Seeds. She can test it out right now to see if she was a Flower Maiden with the Brown Spirit seeds.

Because she could not sit on her comfortable bed no more, she took a blanket and placed it for the floor nicely. A needle that was used for sewing, she took out from her sewing kit at the table.

Then, she went back to sit on the blanket with her legs crossed. The bags of seeds were placed in front of her. She took a bag of seeds and poured it onto the blanket. The more seeds she used, the more likely she will know the result for their was a one out of a hundred chance that it would work.

She closed her eyes and breathed. Next, she opened her eyes and took out the sewing needle. 


Chu Feng poked her finger deeply until blood came running out. The sharp pain made her whole body sweat. In stories, characters usually don't looked like they are in pain at all. But if one was to try it really, it hurts so much. 

Outside, Mei waited patiently while holding the food in her hands. She was taught that if her master closed the door, she has to not bother her master. 

Inside, Chu Feng had squeezed out more blood to drop onto the Brown Spirit Seeds. She will have to wait for a few days to see the result. If the Brown Spirit Seeds grew due to taking in her blood, then she is a Flower Maiden for Flower Maidens have to power to create and manipulate nature. This was one of the ways that the female lead tried when she wanted to confirm it herself but it did not work for her since she was not a pure blooded Flower Maiden. 

If this did not work for Chu Feng, she can find others way to confirm it. Being a Flower Maiden can help her escape this damn place once again. If the price to live in luxury was to get burned to death, she would not want it.

She cleaned everything up and opened the door to let Mei in. The food was already cold but Chu Feng still ate it. She'll need all the energy for tomorrow morning. 

Tomorrow will be a day to remember. 

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