Chapter 10 - Joy In The Dark

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A green bag was tossed on a table. It's only zip was pulled down and then spread wide. Two different sets of hands began to carefully load it with guns of different kinds. The bag got full and was immediately zipped up. It was picked up and tossed to Paulo who walked past Matt, Mark, Alejandro, Adriana and Diego.

They all stood around the kitchen table with their serious eyes on the map that was spread wide across the table. Alejandro pointed and scaled his finger through the map while the others listened attentively. He placed pins at different points and the others noted them.

"So we will sail through the Xingu river and turn here to join the Amazon river?" Matt asked and Alejandro quickly nodded his head in confirmation.

"Okay, according to what you have explained Alejandro, the evil forest is within the Solimoes - Japura forest. Why not use this route to get there instead? It seems shorter." Mark suggested.

"That route has terrible rapids although I do agree that this route is longer. It will take us four days to get to the evil forest and let's not forget the six days we are to spend on the road. This will amount to a total ten days which is not good because there's no telling what delays we may meet along the way." Adrianna pointed out.

"You are right. The lunar eclipse is in fourteen days. What do you suggest we do?" Alejandro asked her.

Adrianna slid her finger through the map. "If we sail this way instead, it will take us two days." her finger paused. "There's a village for Yanomami tribe here. They are a friendly bunch as long as we don't provoke them. There's a short cut to the evil forest through this village."

"What, how do you know that?" Matt asked her intrigued.

"I have my sources." Adrianna grinned. "If you guys agree to my suggestion, we will get there in eight days."

"Are you sure about this though? Remember we can't afford to waste any time." Matt stressed.

She snorted with a laugh. "Yes I am one hundred percent sure."

"Alright, then it's settled. We are going with your plan." Alejandro glanced over to the clock. "Come on people, it's four thirty; let's get moving!"

Everyone picked up bags that contained guns, blades, ammunition, bombs, food supplies and many more things that they would need. Diego pulled up in a mini bus and they loaded it. The gang got in while Alejandro locked his apartment door. He too got into the bus and Diego drove off.

Diego drove for a while before parking the bus along the road. Matt recognized the house across and when he saw Fernanda walk out of it, he nodded his head in confirmation. She wore a black long sleeved knee short dress and maroon cloak.

Another woman in the exact outfit stepped out of the house. She stood aside as Fernanda spoke to and kissed a man at the door. After a few minutes he waved good bye and closed the door while the women made their way to the bus.

Matt had his eyes on the mysterious  woman. He couldn't see her face because of the hood over her head but he could tell that she was young. Alejandro smiled at Fernanda and she faintly smiled back before gesturing her hand towards the woman with her.

"She is Stephanie. I hope you don't mind that I am bringing her along with me." she boldly said.

"Not at all." Alejandro quickly answered. "Where is your luggage?" he asked with his eyes searching.

Fernanda used her thumb to point at the backpack on her back while Stephanie turned and revealed hers. "We won't need much." Fernanda stated.

"Alright, hop on. We have six days and fourteen hours to get to the amazon forest." Alejandro told them.

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