God knew my heart needed you

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I sighed and drummed my fingers lightly on my baby bump. It was the last week of October, one week out from my due date and I had been on bed rest for the past 2 weeks. Dr. Davis suggested I take it easy; I was already dilated and she didn't want baby boy arriving to soon. I was currently sitting on the couch with my feet up on the recliner, Dodger was at my side. It was rare that he left me since I had been home on bed rest. Chris was working, finishing up a movie he had thankfully done in Boston. This was his last week of work until after the holidays. I flipped through the channels, going out of my mind bored.

"Knock knock!" I heard Kirsten's voice echo through the front foyer.

"HEY!" I yelled excitedly. I couldn't move very fast even if I wasn't on bed rest, so I just waved my hand in the air excitedly as Kirsten made her way to the living room. The car seat carrying Graham was hooked on her arm, a diaper bag slung over her other shoulder.

"Hi love." She set Graham's seat down on the floor and tossed the diaper bag on the couch. She leaned down and kissed my cheek and then kissed my stomach.

"How's baby G doing?" I carefully leaned up pushing the foot recliner down locking it into place.

"Fussy. But finally asleep." She smiled.

"I can't believe he's almost 2 months old already."

"I can. It feels like 2 years with no sleep." Kirsten pulled her hair up into a messy top knot.

"Yeah but he's kinda too cute to be mad." I smiled at my godson.

"You right, you right. How are you feeling?"

"Well....to be honest I got some pressure going on. And I've been having contractions again."

"Bree!" Kirsten frowned, "Does Chris know?"
I shook my head, "No. He's working I figured I'd let him know when he got home and maybe we can go to the hospital."

"Sweetie no, that's not how it works. I'm calling Chris."

"No don't." I pleaded. "It's probably nothing. I mean Dr. Davis said last week I was looking good and that the contractions weren't serious yet."

"That was last week!" Kirsten pulled her phone out.

"Come on Kir, we have a doctor's appointment tomorrow." I stuck my lower lip out.

"I'm calling him or you are." Kirsten waited. "What's it going to be?"

"Fine." I exhaled loudly.

Just like I knew he would Chris raced home and drug me off to the hospital.

Dr. Davis met us in the room for the exam and I rolled my eyes at Chris waiting for her to tell him it was a false alarm.

"Well Breelan you certainly like to wait to the last minute, don't you?"

"What is it?" Chris practically jumped.

"You are 6.5 centimeters dilated. We are admitting you, You two are about to become parents."

12 hours later Dr. Davis placed the baby I had hoped for, prayed for, and cried for, in my arms. He was absolutely perfect. He looked so much like his daddy already and I couldn't believe the overwhelming love I felt for him. With tears streaming down my face I gently kissed my baby boys head and then turned to kiss Chris.

"He's perfect." Chris whispered, "Good job mommy."

"Thanks." I smiled wearily, "You had some help with making him daddy."

"Yeah but you are the Rockstar that just gave birth. You're amazing Bree. I love you so much." He kissed my forehead as I leaned back happily gazing at my precious baby boy.

"So....." Kirsten quietly whispered later that morning, "Do we have a name for this little fella?" She carefully sat down on the hospital bed next to me to fawn over the baby.

"We do." I grinned looking at Chris. "Auntie Kirsten, meet your godson Christian Robert Evans."

"Christian, oh my gosh, I LOVE it. Chris and Breelan, Christian." Kirsten squealed.

I nodded as another yawn escaped my mouth.

"Babe you need to get some rest." Chris carefully took Christian from my arms.

I nodded as my eyes started to droop.

"I'm going to let you get some rest." Kirsten kissed my head, "We'll stop back by later tonight if you're up to it."

"Please." I sighed rolling over I was sound asleep within minutes.

We were released from the hospital the next day and made our way home for the first night home with our little guy. Happy to be home I laid Christian down in his bassinet that was right next to our bed. He stirred a little bit but drifted right back off to sleep.

"Hey." Chris walked up behind me wrapping his arms around my waist. I leaned back against him smiling down at Christian.

"Why don't you get some sleep while he's sleeping." Chris offered. "I'll get him if he wakes up and bring him to you to nurse."


Chris nodded, "Of course. Take my side of the bed." He smiled knowing I wouldn't want to be far from the baby.

I nodded and climbed across the bed. I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

A few weeks later we were preparing for Thanksgiving at our house. Since Christian was only a month old we were having a small Thanksgiving at our house instead of traveling to my families house like we did every other year. Chris's sisters, Scott and his mom were coming to our house along with my parents, Kirsten, Nate, Graham and Kirsten's parents.

The night before Thanksgiving Kirsten, Nate and Graham came over for a little while to visit.

"Can you believe this is our life?" Kirsten pulled out the stool at the kitchen island and sat down. Chris, Christian, Nate and Graham were all in the living room. Christian had just eaten and Chris was burping him. Nate was changing Graham's diaper before putting him down for a nap in Christian's swing.

"No." I laughed as I wiped the counter clean. "But I'm so glad it is. Who would have ever thought we'd have babies this close in age?"

"Right?" Kirsten shook her head in disbelief, "How's Christian sleeping?"

"Much better now. But Chris is amazing. He gets up with him every single night and brings him to me. Most nights he stays up while I nurse him. I keep thinking he's eventually just going to roll over and tell me to get him but..." I trailed off with a laugh. I watched Chris where he sat in the recliner in the living room gently burping Christian while talking football with Nate. I couldn't stop myself from walking over to him and leaning down kissing him softly on the top of the head.

"What's that for?" He asked with a confused smile.

"Just cause I love you." I smiled. "And you." I rubbed Christian's bald little head softly. I had the best guys in the world.

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