I Believe in You (2)

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Really short... not checked... But I have no idea what to do next. Help?(: Thanks..

janae xx :3   (p.s. Don't you think posting pics of characters ruins the use of imagination...? I do /: But if anyone wants them.. I'll look for you [: )


The next morning, a shrill sound awoke Jenny from her deep sleep, three hours earlier than her mum and Jason would wake up. She needed this precious time to be alone. Quietly getting out of bed, she wondered how long she would be invisible for. How long till somebody, anybody would notice her. Jenny didn't long for attention. She longed for the feeling of being loved. She knew she had her mother and her brother, but never a best friend she could tell anything to. She never had anybody to see how perfect she wasn't. Annie rudely broke her out of her thoughts, "Hurry up!" she harshly whispered. "We don't have long and we can't afford to be caught again". Jenny believed that she was right so she hurriedly changed out of her pajamas and into a warm tracksuit and trainers. She quickly grabbed a bottle of water, her old grey hat and her keys before sneaking downstairs and outside into the cool, bitter, 4am air.

Jenny warmed up her muscles and started her daily five mile run [roughly 8km]. Usually, she ran to get some more supplies at the local supermarket and ran all the way home in time to have a thirty minute nap before Jason came to wake her up. Jenny used to train as a runner. But after she was hospitalized, her coach wouldn't let her join again. So, she had to adapt to training herself and sneaking around whilst doing so. Which meant Annie followed her to keep track of her progress. As she ran, Jenny concentrated not only on her breathing, but also thought about the school dance. Feeling discouraged that she left early; she began to slow her pace. 'What am I going to do about Luke?' she asked herself inwardly. Jenny knew she couldn't hide from him forever and she that he wouldn't leave her alone. The whole school had heard about his reputation with girls: ruthless. And the idea made Jenny even more scared. As she was getting closer to the entrance of the supermarket, Annie piped up, "He's not interested in you. Why do you care? You're fat and not even pretty, obviously that's why no one cares". Jenny took a sharp intake of breath at that comment. Annie had never mentioned looks alongside weight and the idea made Jenny feel sick to her stomach. "Leave it Annie" Jenny tried to reply, but it came out barely a whimper. Annie gave a satisfied scoff as they entered the supermarket and walked straight to the diet and medicine section.

'Laxatives. Laxatives. Laxatives'. Was all Jenny was thinking. She scanned through the shelves a couple of times before she almost gave up. Annie sighed and found the right kind immediately. Jenny then took a bottle and read the back. 'Do not take excessively', it read, 'Do not take without consulting your GP [General Practitioner, family Doctor] or pharmacist'. Seeing Jenny's anxious face, Annie rolled her eyes and gently pushed her in the direction of the shelves. Jenny rarely used anything like this, but if Annie told her to, she would. She trusted all of Annie's decisions and she knew that Annie could be nice when she needed it. Out of habit, Jenny checked her watch. She was running behind schedule, so she snatched another three bottles and made her way to the checkout [cash register], with Annie hot on her heels.

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