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Do you get what being alone is?

Being lost?


Have you seen a homeless before?

Are they mostly alone?

Do you think they want you to follow their path?


Do you appreciate what you have now?


You might not have it in the future

Have you seen people come together to form a group to except people?

Is this what you want 'death'?

Never Mind forget what I just said

After this I want you to close your eyes

And try what to walk without bumping into things

What do you feel?

Do you feel



This is the true meaning

Of alone

A/n:I had found out what it means to be alone after my drama class my teacher had a game to teach us of alone. When I had my turn my drama teacher bounced a basketball. It sounded like thunder and I'm scared of loud noises so right after I sat down and started to cry for most of drama and lunch

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