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I'm heading out to school with Reg to meet Rem but you don't know who they are I'll start from the beginning

It's October 31st (oof I know) 2011 and I'm 10 years old it's 4am and I'm being dragged out of my bed by the ear by my mother. "What the hell?" I question annoyed. "Shut your mouth fag" my mother says, dragging me down to the basement and pulls my pyjama shirt over my head.

I had come out to her and my dad as bi-sexual 2 weeks ago and to say the were supportive was an extreme understatement. They were about as unsupportive as anyone can be.

Anyways back to the story.

From a shelf behind her she pulled a knife. Like a really long knife. "Kneel over" she drawled. I did as I was told not wanting to make my punishment worse. She started cutting slashed into my back. I was in agony but I bit the inside of my cheek trying not to cry out.

I tasted blood in my mouth and was like oh shit did she cut my mouth ?!? I then realised I was biting my cheek so hard that I drew blood. "Shit" I muttered. "What was that fag?!" Mother screamed at me.

Again I felt a sharp pain on my side and took a sharp breath in. "Weak!" My mother screamed at me. Finally she remover the blade and left the cellar. Finally I thought and got up and ran to the mirror against the wall where my mother checks her outfit every day. I saw 4 long slashed along my back and the word potty mouth along my side.

A/N. Hey sorry for the cliffhanger ( kinda?) anyways I have exams at school so I won't be updating as often (that's why this one is kinda long) but on the upside I finish school in like 3 weeks so I will draft loads of chapters and try to post everyday. I hate to be one of those authors who begs for votes but if you could that would be really appreciated
- A xox

(276 words go me)

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