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I stared at the newspaper, as if magically something would appear in front of it.

Then, I sighed.

No, I wasn't going to apply for this job. Ever. Are they hiring someone for helping the CEO or entertaining him?

Those clothes—mini black skirt, a shirt so fitted that the buttons would pop any second, and a tie wrapped around the neck like a dog collar.

I wasn't going to EVER dress like that for a job, even if it payed me hundreds of dollars monthly.

Leaning back against the sofa, I drop my head backwards and blow out a tired sigh. The worn out fan with its twirling almost gave me a headache. As if I hadn't had much of that lately.

"You won't believe what just happened at the grocery store," my roommate barges in, dropping the bags on the floor and rushing towards me.

"Well, hello to you too, Noor," I smile. She is always returning from outside with some spicy stories.

Her pink died hair fall over her face as she bends and plants a kiss on the crown of my head. I don't know how she manages to calm me down with her presence.

"I just saw the most cutest guy—um well, not guy," she falls in deep thought, falling on the sofa and placing her feet on me, "but more like a man. We saw each other, and literally, I not just felt but saw the sparks." Her forest green eyes turn to me. "Because there was some issue with the bulb atop our heads."

I burst into a round of giggles, as does she. She really has some good humour that never fails to make me laugh.

"No, buy for real though, he was really handsome. Do you think he'd marry me?" She coils the ends of her hair around her finger, clearly swooning over that man/guy.

"Hard to tell. You love me too much to leave this place and go live with someone else," I joke.

She doesn't laugh, though. Doesn't even smile. Have I said something wrong?

"I think that actually might be true."

I hit her with the newspaper, making her smirk. Her eyes catches the flashy heading of the much needed job, and she takes a moment to read through it.

"Neha! This is the perfect opportunity for you!" she claps enthusiastically, still staring at the news.

I scoff. "Have you seen the uniform? That's more like entertaining the boss than working for him."

"True. But you could always make a deal with him. I thought you had read enough novels about billionaire's and their secretaries. Why don't you take some notes from the ones stacked in your room?" she mocks, grinning.

I roll my eyes because that's literally what anyone probably would have done in her response.

"This is reality."

"Think about it. You could be royalty."

"Will you stop?"

"Your wish is my command," she chuckles and skips to her bedroom that is just opposite to mine.

Her suggestion circles my head for some pretty good time. It might not be so bad after all, if I could just make a deal with the boss. Ha ha. I make it sound like I am asking my teacher to give me another day for homework.

This boss could all be but nice. If he'd want, he'd laugh at my offering of a deal, and call his guards to throw me out of his office.

Funny thing would be if he doesn't even let me inside his office. Now, that would be so fun.

I had to be optimistic. I just couldn't lose hope before even giving a try.

The time on my phone reads 8:55 am. I still had five minutes to get ready and it would take maximum 15 minutes to get to the street which this famous boutique was located. The interview would begin at 9:30, so I guess I was safe.

My uber driver really isn't having a good day. He has yelled at me 3 times already and we haven't even left my apartment yet.

"You should have added the 'double destination'," he snaps at me, glaring from the mirror. I cast my gaze away, feeling the burn of embarrassment crawling up my neck.

"I am sorry, but I just thought of buying some sweets for—someone," I stammer, definitely giving him liberty of continuing to act mean with me. I really needed to work on my socialising skills.

I totally have to work on that department.

"Don't take too much time."

Ugh lemons. He reminds me of lemons; sour and bitter.

This was really not working out in my favor. The bakery's credit card machine wasn't working properly, so it took me way longer than the driver could bare.

With my fingers crossed, I made my way outside, half expecting him to abandon me. Much to my surprise, he was still where I left him last, frowning irritably at his phone screen.

"I will pay you more than the final amount," I offer, sliding into the back seat once again.

Wow. Now this was some building, I wonder in awe, staring at how terrifically high in the sky it was. Maybe I'd challenge myself to reach the roof by taking the stairs. My legs scream at that thought.

I have to cup my eyes from the harsh light of the sun to fully see it.

A figure appears, blocking the view, and making me admire him now.

"As much as I love seeing you glow, my lady, inside the temperature is quite pleasing. And so can I be," he whistles.



Hellloooo! I hope you all had a good time reading this first chapter to my fresh new story.

Hellloooo! I hope you all had a good time reading this first chapter to my fresh new story

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