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Manik while walking towards store room talking to himself...
Why I am feeling electrified when her lips touched my lips? It's an accidental kiss still why that kiss is affecting me so much? It's not like I am kissing a girl for the first time but this feeling is very foreign to me... Shit! Shit! Shit! Manik! Are you out of your mind? Kya soch raha hai tu? Uffff but she's so innocent, I hope woh upset naaa Ho.. I will surely talk to her after coming back from store room!

Nandini P.O.V

While walking towards her class...

OMG... My first kiss happened and that too with Manik, I know it's my an accidental kiss but still its a magical feeling... God how will I face him? Shit! I really want to talk to him about today incident but now how will I face him?
But her self-talk soon broken by Prof. Raghav..
Prof. R: Nandini listen (called her from behind)

Nandini: Good morning Sir!

Prof R: Good Morning.. Well Nandini can you do me a favour?

Nandini: Of course Sir.. And Plzz don't ask.. Just order Mr Sir..

Prof. R: Nandini can you plzz get Veena from store room for Mrs. Shalini... Actually she's a classical music teacher of our collage and she's too old, so she can't go to store room and I'm getting late for my class.. And it's urgent!

Nandini: Yeah sir.. Sure.. Maii Veena leyke class mai aati hu Fir!

Prof. R: No no Nandini! You don't need to come to my class, Today I'm cancelling your, Fab5 and some more students class, coz today I want to take class for weak students.

Nandini: But Sir yesterday you said something about surprise...

Prof. R: Ohh yeah that I remember, that thing I'll tell you all tommrow, coz today I really need to take the class for all the weak students!

Nandini: Okay sir! (saying this she left for storeroom)

MANIK reached to store room and searched for Raghav but he couldn't find him, so he came out of the store room because so much of dust and spider webs are there.


Oh god! Why Raghav sir called me here?
He came out of the store room and thought to wait for him outside instead of inside the store room as it is very dusty.

All the time Tiya (Soha's Friend) was watching Manik and his actions by hiding herself behind the pillar.

Tiya murmured: Hayye yeh Ladka! I really wish Soha ki Jagah mai iske saath lock hoti andar..and thn...god..this soha-poha.. I'm really feeling jealous of her.. Agar usne late kiya naa toh mai hi lock Ho jaungi andar Iss k saath.

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