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   Kayden woke up to a strange feeling. She looked at her uncle. "I need to go back to the school." She whispered "The other hounds. Raf. Something is not right." She told him and Jake looked at her.

   "Kayden there is something else about your hound. You have more than the power of fire and ability of telekinesis." He said to her. "With new found emotions can unlock those powers." He told her and she nodded. She looked at her uncle.

  "Come back with me. I'll need you. Rafael will want to meet you." She whispered and he looked at her with a sad smile.

   "Sadly in America I am still in trouble. I'm here and I have my books. Besides if you need me you know where to find me don't you?" He askes and she nodded going over and hugging him.

   "Thank you... For protecting me." She whispered "When I was younger. Thank you." She told him and disappeared. She was inside of the school and it was surrounded by armoured men with guns.

Then she saw it. Jalen and Warren were pinned to the floor with a gun to their heads. "Hey?!" She shouted and they looked at her. "Let them go!" One of the guards laughed evilly. She looked at the coat and saw Triad on there. She was going to kill that man.

   "Better listen to her." Jalen said "She has a temper." He warned.

   "Shut up." The guy hit Jalen in the head and Kayden shook with anger immediately.

   "Or what?" The other asked "Whats a little pup with no powers gonna do?" One asked Kayden growled.

  "Oh no. Now you did it." Warren said and Kaydens eyes turned red.

  "WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?!" She screeched and everyone saw as the guys were thrown back hitting in the bookshelves. She grabbed a globe and chucked it at fast speed to the mans head hitting him and knocking him unconscious. Her hands grew a fire ball as everyone went wild with whatever plan they had. The three hounds stood together as guards went to attack Rafael. "Raffie duck." Kayden shouted and Rafael looked over before ducking as she threw the ball and the guy was set on fire screaming loudly.

  "Holy shit. How do you have your powers in the school?" Warren said "We're powerless." He said and Kayden shrugged. She turned and lifted her hand causing the man to freeze and shouted in pain.

   "Want to rethink that idea of yours?" She asked him and he cried out in pain before nodding. She let go and he fell to the floor before she kicked him the stomach harshly. "What the hell happened?" She asked.

    "No time to explain." Jed said to her running past "We have to save the kids." He said and Kayden nodded.

   "Kayden what happened to the hound." Jalen asked and Kayden walked to help. "Kayden."

   "I am the hound. The hound is me." Kayden said "We are one and I am not evil nor do I plan to kill anyone or any thing anymore." She paused "Guy doesnt count." She told them and they snorted before Kayden ducked seeing something a bullet go above her. "Huh." She mumbled.

   "What the hell?" A guy said as he shot at her again she dodged it yet again moving to the side. When it aimed for her heart she stopped it out of fear of no longer dogding it.

   "Woah." She whispered and smirked "Wow." She turned it around and snapped her fingers. The bullet landed right into her heart. "That doesn't count either." She whispered. She looked over at Josie seeing her scream. She was shot. Kayden let out a growl. A loud growl as Lizzie grabbed Josie and she ran to the guard.

  "Kayden. Kayden don't." Warren shouted already seeing the girl lose control over Josie. She tackled the guy and wrapped pinned him down. She gripped him tightly burning him inside out. They could all hear the screams of the man and the guards backed out as she stared him in the eyes coldly. This time the hound taking over.

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