Chapter 6

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Whenever he used to need anything then she used to go and give him but one day his wife was not in home she had to go for some work and that day then he convince and requested her daughter to open the rope and her daughter opened the rope and he immediately tries to kill. She tries to escape from there and hid somewhere but he catches her and slowly slowly cut her whole neck Blood started bleeding throughout the house. After some time his wife came home and called her daughter but she did not come Where she was standing, the blood drops falls on her face, when she looked up, she started shouting because her daughter's neck is hanging down from there and she started crying loudly and her husband came and said, do not shout loudly otherwise I will kill you also then She takes the knife from the kitchen and attacks her husband, but her husband grab the knife and kill her too badly after killing both of them he dig out the bodies in the sand near the house nobody notice anything. After few days later he was taking bathing and something rammed out and he went outside from the washroom and check but there was nothing after that he again started taking bath and someone took his clothes from there and he get shocked because there was a late night and no one was there. He searched all his entire house but did not get anything after that the voice came DADY I AM HERE. He was scared after listening this the voice came from the room he went close to the room and open the door and suddenly his daughter was standing in the back side of him and her face was covered by her hair and he was shocked and started shouting and he immediately jumped from the window of his house and went out the house. and he was wearing the towel.My house was close to him and he knocked the door of my house continuously and was shouting HELP! HELP! I immediately went and open the door and he was crying and said that she will kill me. I asked who will kill you and he said my daughter. I asked why she kill you, there is no girl in this whole world who kill our father, you don't worry but tell me what happened and then he told the whole truth to him and he said that can I stay here in your house please if you let me stay here then I promise you I will give you my house without getting any single penny. Then I thought to myself that it is great deal then I gave him a stay. Almost 12.30 am the screaming voice started coming from his room and me and my wife immediately rushed to his room and saw that his only legs were hanging on the fan and his upper body was lying on the bed after seeing this my wife was screaming loudly and then I called the police. They came here and arrested me because I only gave him a stay and after completing my sentence I came to my house and my financial condition was so weak and then idea came in my mind that I should sold that after that house and after that I sale that house to you so this is the story of this house.

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