Chapter 5

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He tells the whole incident to his wife and then she calls to the police station and they come after sometime. They fully investigate that abandon house but they don't get anything then police inspector says that there is something bad happen in this house from whom you bought this house. Mukesh tells that he doesn't know the owner of this house but all the work is done by property dealer his name is Suraj.He is the friend of my relative due to my relative I met with him. Do you have his number police man asked. yes I have mukesh said and then he call him but he doesn't pick the phone after that mukesh gave number to the police inspector and he call him and he picks the phone, police inspector does not tell anything he starts his conversation, hello my name is akash and I want to buy house and set the meeting. Then they go to meet him and they knock the door and he come outside and saw that Mukesh and police are together then he tries to run from there but police inspector grabs him and ask why are running, Did you do something wrong he said no and then Mukesh said tell me the truth about that house.He said that is the normal house and Then police inspector slap on his face and said if you don't tell the truth then I will put you in the prison then he started crying and said I was compelled at that time, I had no choice because my financial condition was so weak so that's why I had to sell that house and police inspector said now tell the truth and he begins the story and explain that one family was there. There was only husband and wife live there and that man used to drink too much alcohol and beat her wife daily after drinking alcohol and when her wife got pregnant, He said to her that I need a boy child and if you give the birth to the girl child then I immediately kill her the day came and she gave the birth to girl child and when he came to know that his wife gave the birth to girl child then he went close to her and suppress the throat of her child and then the doctor stopped him and sent him to the jail and he was sentenced to 2 years after completing the sentence he came back to the house and saw our daughter and he immediately suppressed her throat and his wife tried to stop him but he did not then she hit the iron stick on his head and he became unconscious and then she binded him with the bed.

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