Chapter 4

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They all are sleeping and there door bell rings at about 12:50am. Firstly Mukesh's wife wake up and she tries to wake up mukesh but he doesn't. After that she open the door of their room she is shouting loudly as she sees the two legs are hanging on the fan and fan is on. Then Mukesh wake up and sees the same thing that and they goes to the room of police man but doesn't find them. Then they go to the kitchen and see that the blood is coming outside from the refrigerator and mukesh opens it and his wife get unconscious because the head of both the police man was lying in the door of the fridge. One police man head cut from the center and in the inner side of his head there is slip. It is written in that 'PROTECT YOUR HAND YOU NEED THEM TO PICK UP YOUR DEAD GIRL ''after reading this Mukesh start crying because he thinks that may be his daughter is no more in this world. Suddenly the door bell rings, he picks the gun and start moving towards the door. When he open the door, he doesn't sees anyone there after that he speaks loudly and say that '' I will kill you come in front of me'' then there comes the voice to his ears it's like tuk tuk tuk tuk and when he look back no one is there and then he closes the door and sees that one girl is sitting on the chair but her face is on the other side and mukesh shoot on it but nothing happens then she gets up from the chair and picks the knife and enter in her own eye but her face is on the other side and she drops the knife towards Mukesh and her eye is also hanged on that knife after seeing this mukesh continuously shoot on her but nothing happen then she turns her neck towards back and her face is fully burned and there is only eye she has and blood is coming from her other portion of her eye then she picks the knife and eat her own eye and then mukesh tries to escape from there but she take Axe in her hand and cut the both hand of Mukesh.Mukesh feeling so much pain due to this he get unconscious . After sometime his wife get back to the normal condition and she sees that mukesh's hand are no more and is lying on the blood unconscious.She immediately goes close to him, she cries a lot but her husband not being conscious then she sprinkle some water on his eyes and he opens his eyes and he start weeping seeing that his hand are no more and he is started crying and think that what will he without his hand's and nothing is left with him he lost his daughter and even hand there is nothing left then his wife says I am with you ,no worries I will do all your work.

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