Chapter 3

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Again she screams that please leave my daughter but this time the voice came from the bathroom which they recognized. They both go towards that bathroom but his wife's leg gets stick in the table and her fear increases. Mukesh tries to take out the leg but of no use so he alone goes to check, he switches on the phone's light and he notices the mirror. When he sees in the mirror he notice one girl sitting on the chair holding knife in her hand and his phone falls from the hand. He picks up the phone and looks back but there was no sign of that girl. After some time his flashlight gets off, he tries to turn on but it doesn't then suddenly she appears in front of his wife, she screams and he goes to his wife he also shouts loudly when he sees that the girl has put knife in her leg and is continuously eating her leg, he tries to stop her but she doesn't. After sometime she finishes her leg by putting the knife in her whole leg. She cries a lot in pain and when mukesh shows a matchstick burning with fire she disappears. From under the bed mukesh again notices her and she is coming to his side now, her face is on the back side and she is holding a piece of meat in her hand which is of his wife's leg. She eats it continuously and lick it. Again he shows fire and again she disappears. They immediately call to the police and explain the whole incident. He tells that he saw his daughter in her sack which she is holding with her every time. Then they start investigating in that house but don't get any sort of proof except her eaten leg. So for a while they go from there and provide them the security. Inspector makes them sure that he will find their daughter after that only he will take the breath of peace. After that mukesh takes his wife to the hospital and when he passes from that house, he sees that girl standing in the window. He immediately shouts that stop the car,she is there then police sees towards the house but he doesn't see anyone there then he makes them relax little and assures that don't worry i will find your daughter. There after getting treatment, they move towards their house with police security. Mukesh's Wife serves the food to the police man and after taking lunch they go for bed.

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