Chapter 2

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Next day they immediately go to the police station and file FIR. From the next day police starts investigation about the case. They also go to that abandon house and from there they get her night suit. Inspector asks about the suit from Mukesh and his wife and by seeing that they totally get out of their brains that how it came here. They start worrying more for her. His wife starts crying loudly by holding her night suit and calls her daughter loudly" where are you my child" and breaks her heart when she doesn't get any response. Mukesh tries to console her but of no use. Now the day has been passed by crying and shouting. At night they come back to their house and are very upset now. They don't even take dinner and continuously think about her. At 11:09 pm Mukesh's wife goes to the room of palak and when she enters in her room, she sees something is written on the wall with blood. She starts shouting loudly then Mukesh comes over there and sees the wall and gets fully shocked. HELP ME HIDE THE BODY is being written on the wall and blood falls down from the wall. It seems that it is written just now by someone. Then they both go to the balcony to see that who came in palak's room and has written this. There they see one girl wearing white clothes swinging in the garden of that abandon house. Her clothes also are wet with blood little and they see that blood is coming from her eyes. With her one sack is lying in which they see palak's face, and then they start shouting and immediately go down to check. When they reach down, they see that the girl is taking that sack along with her and starts walking towards the other direction. They run behind her and try to hold her but suddenly she disappears. She disappears near that abandon house. They straight away go to the abandon house, there were no lights so they get little afraid. They search in the full house but she use to go in front of them and within a second she gets disappear by holding that sack in her hand. The blood is also coming from that sack. His wife starts screaming that leave my daughter please i beg u then the voice use to come that your daughter is no more and now it's your turn.

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