Chapter 1

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One Indian family moves to the village from city because they like peace and according to them, the life of the village is more peaceful and beautiful as compared to the city as there they don't face any pollution, no noise ,everything seems very peaceful and beautiful. So this is the gupta family who likes to live in the village so they pack their luggage and move to the countryside area and shifts in the house which they have bought. Near that house, mukesh and his wife notice one abandon house. It seems like nobody is living in that house from the very long time. He asks from the property dealer that this house looks like a haunted house is there anything wrong and he starts laughing after listening to the mukesh's thought and tells that nothing is like this. The thing is the owner of this house has shifted to the other country so that's why it's abandon and locked .The house seemed like a horror house which we see in the type of horror movies. He gives the name to that house the horror house in his thought. By watching the tensed face of mukesh,the dealer again explains him that nothing is like this in that house it seems very old, moreover it's not cleaned as well so not to worry. But he feels something is wrong with that horror house so for the timing he let it go like this only and enters in the new house with his family happily. At night his daughter named palak goes to the kitchen for drinking water and from the windows of the kitchen, she sees the swings near that house.
Suddenly she notices one girl going towards the swings wearing white clothes and starts swinging in the garden. By seeing this she gets little afraid. Then she gets fully afraid when she sees that girl rotating her head in the 360 degrees angle. She notices that she has red eyes with only teeth no lips and everything is visible of her mouth. This makes her scream very loudly. Then that girl looks at her and immediately palak closes her eyes .After sometime she opens her eyes and finds that girl standing in front of her showing her back .She starts shouting continuously and her parents listen her voice. They check in her room but do not find her, and then they search her in the full house but do not get even a single glimpse of her they don't even get any single scratch or any proof which could show that palak was here.

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