fivesecondsofanfic (part 3): Nightmares

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hey lovely could you do a part 3 to your fivesecondsoffanfic, with the boys as brothers, there my fav and your stories are so cute, you choose the story, just as a continue on from your other stories?? xxx


Luke ( 4 years old)

Calum (Dada)

Michael (Papa)

Ashton (Daddy)

Luke have been having nightmares even since see saw the new movie Annabelle (A/N: this movie is freaking scary no joke) hiding behind the couch. He wasn't supposed to watch a scary movie behind his daddies back. He couldn't sleep at all, he feels like something will pop out no where.

The movie was so scary that even wet himself about thinking about it. His daddies took it so fine, but he wanted to be a big boy not a baby.

It was dinner time, and Luke was thinking about it going to bedtime after it. That Luke even more scared, he wanted to tell his daddies but he thinks that they will baby or teased at him.

"DINNER READY," His daddy shouted. Luke walked woddle down the hallway as everyone was at the dinner table fixing their plate. Ashton sat with his and Luke's plate on the table and food chair sometimes Luke hated, but he got used to it.

Calum picked up Luke and sat him down. Luke at his food that was splanetti, but he wasn't feeling to well, then he started to play with.

"Luke, quit playing with your food," his papa said sternly. Luke nodded sitting there quietly.

The boys looked confused that Luke always the loud, funny, and jokers. Now, he's quiet, the boy got worried thinking what's wrong with their baby.

"Baby, what's wrong," his dada asked Luke. Luke was terrified should he tell him or not?

"Yeah, please tell are not yourself," his papa said. Luke started to tear up, he couldn't take it any longer so he cried. Ashton rushed to Luke pick him up as he hugged and calming him down.

After, Luke calmed down, his daddy asked

"Why, are you crying baby," his daddy asked.

" I hawe 'een wetting my bed daddies," Luke said as he sniffed.

"why," his dada asked.

"Because I watch a swary mowie behind youw back." Luke scared with out looking at his daddies.

The boys were mad that their little boy watching a scary movie behind their back, but when they saw Luke looked scared, they knew they couldn't stay mad at him even those they also didn't too when their little kid.

"Well, dinner is over I guess let's go to sleep," his papa said. Luke was scared he have to sleep by himself.

"Oh, Luke you can sleep with us," this daddy said. Luke jumped for joy.

They all changed the clothes into onesies and boxers as they cuddle up into bed and sleep peacefully.

Luke never have any nightmares when his daddies is there with him.


Sorry, it was late!! Because I managing the volleyball, school, and projects.

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