Chapter 23

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"What!?" I gasped and the hand's grip tightened around my wrist as I wiggle to get out of its grasp. But to many failed attempts it spoke with a harsh whisper.

"Keep still and don't move!"

I obeyed and stopped wiggling. As silence covered the thick woods with a few chirping birds, rustling leaves shivering from the cold wind. And an eerie whisper lurking under the grounds.. — Wait.

My breath hitched as I pressed my back against the bark tree...

"Heeeellllllppppp..." It spoke.

Instead of speaking out loud, I listened carefully balancing my racing cardio.

"Overrrr herrrrreee..."

"W-what's going on?" I whispered.

"Keep still... Its smelling your heartbeat and movement. Hold it for a little to avoid it and pretend to be dead." It instructed.

I quickly did what it told me to do. As I waited for a few minutes... Until its ghost-quiet.

I breathe out clutching my heart into my chest. The boney hand released his grip off my wrist.

"What was that...?" I asked.

"Usually when humans stay too long in the forest. They get possessed and take their shadows away, leaving it behind in the Beneath."

"But why though?"

"They're angry spirits! Many witches are hanged around these trees and no one ever protected these woods. Because there's no power to keep them away from taking mortals."

Oh god, it makes sense!

"What are you?"

"I'm just a helping hand who keeps idiots safe away from getting possessed."

"What happend to you and... where are you from or... How.. you got here..?" I probed carefully refreshing my words.

"You talk a lot don't you? Why would a pesky talks to a hand that doesn't even believe these things?"

"I'm not any mortals you met... I've encountered a lot. And I know what's going on in this town. Nobody would believe me if I tell them."

"Hm, interesting. We shall see."

"I'm just a hand that's cut off by a witch and swore to protect those who cross the forest. People won't listen when I try to talk to them, I scare them off to satisfy their curiosity.

"Basically everyone crosses these woods will damned them for life in any case. Years ago some people would tease or throw rocks at it and even spend the night in three am. Imbeciles and rugrats never learn." He ranted.

"Wow. You don't look scary or yet intimidating— Not that I want to! Its just you startle me after all." I gestured reassuringly.

"Its alright. Now go. Before another one comes." It warned.

I grabbed all my stuff and put them inside my backpack as I hurriedly went back to the campus forgetting to finish my homework.


"Okay. Kai said we have to look for hollows. Since we didn't... looked at that time." Jackson reminded.

"Yeah! We need to end this crisis. Because it'll happen again. People are getting murdered every other day!

"News is spreading throughout social medias and T.V's! And we can't even trap the cults since they're protected by Blad!" Janna concluded.

"Right. This time we'll do it properly. I was stupid I didn't help y'all, I was desperate to get out of this form. But, lord it was hell this happened."

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