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Shivaay sat near her.

"Now sleep", asked Shivaay

A- Shivaay

S- hmm

A- how's your health. I mean you are having serious disease . What's that

It's not like that she never asked him same. She asked him many times about his health but he always gave excuses . Once he shouted saying "why are you caring for me", while she stayed silent. She don't wanna express her feelings to him that time .
He also wanna listen. Whether he ignored her but somewhere in his heart she belonged. He knew that time only. He wanted her to open up. But past is past now

Both showed attitude then and hence never confessed  to each other.

After his that question she stopped asking him about his health.

About him,
He was missing this question of hers but he also don't wanna answer because his health is not good . He is suffering from heart disease, and for which he is taking many medicines.

We know Anika she hates medicines once she throwed his medicines and gave him khada instead of them (medicines)

S- first tell me your evil ideas

A - evil ideas???

S- yaa you will throw my medicines like before right

Anika started laughing

A- ohh my God Shivaay hahaha 😂😂

He don't wanna scold her for laughing at him because she looks cute when she laughs . This is what he was craving for

After sometime Anika calmed herself.  She saw him staring her.

Anika turned her face aside

A- ese taad kyu rhe ho

"What ", asked Shivaay not knowing what she is taking

A- kya what

"Ohh God
Pata nai yeh ladki konsi language seekh ke aai h 3 saalo Mai", said Shivaay irritated

A- Shivaay that time I throwed your cold medicines

S- so what those were also important

A- we can cure cold by taking khada too.
There is no need to take medicines for that

S- but

A- nai nai tumhe toh har cheej ke lea medicines chahea right
Ek chink aai nai 100 medicines pehle le lo safety ke lea

S- are you taunting me

A- no
I'm telling truth
Anyways tell me what's problem

S- mean

A- I mean papa told me that you had a serious disease

S- he didn't told you??????

A- I asked but he denied saying ask him yourself
I'll not throw pukka

Anika holded his hands

A- do you trust me or you wanted to ignore this question again like always

Shivaay was feeling restless. He is suffering from depression too how can he say that to her. She. will care for him due to sympathy and he don't want that. This is the main reason he was separating himself from her. Because of business losses he was depressed.

But now meeting his angel his condition was improving. He get to know that she is his medicine for everything. He can't see her in trouble

"I think your silence is your answer
No again", said Anika

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