Dirty Andy Biersack (black veil brides) imagine

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I was in a deep sleep until I heard my window open. My bedroom was on the second floor, how was this even possible? I panicked a bit, praying to god it wasn't a mad man coming to kill me or something. I sat up quickly and my heartbeat quickened, until I saw a familiar figure in the dark.

The outline of his hair and slim lanky body gave me instant relief. But it also gave me some worry seeing as my parents were sleeping right down the hall.

"Andy!" I whispered harshly. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Shhhh," he whispered and climbed on my bed next to me. I felt his soft lips press to mine, and I instinctively rested my hand on his jawline.

"I couldn't stop thinking about you. I just had to come see you." he whispered after the kiss was broken.

"You could've texted me or something instead of sneaking in my room, you creep." I giggled. He chuckled back and I laid back down, hoping he would next to me. He was pretty quick to get hints that I dropped though.

Sure enough, I felt him lay down next to me. I snuggled in close to chest and his strong hand came around my waist and spooned me. I felt so safe as long as I was with him, like nothing could happen to me at all. I began to drift off to sleep as soon as I felt something on my neck.

Andy was leaving wet kisses on my neck, just in the right places too. Ugh, he really knew how to work me. I started to get wet in the place I needed him most, the effect he had on me was insane.

He kissed my shoulders sensually and slid the strap on my tank top down.

"Andy. No. My parents are right down the hall, it's just too risky."

"Just stay quiet...and everything will be fine." he whispered in my ear. I should've told him no and sent him home, but some part of me just couldn't resist. I needed him more than ever.

He got on top of me and took my tank top off completely, happy to see I didn't have a bra on. He licked my collarbones and went down to my chest, my breathing becoming erratic. He kissed the tops of my breasts and continued to my nipples, sucking on them and biting them. I let out a few moans, I could feel him getting harder on my leg and I was pleased with myself. We had this effect on each other, and it was magical.

His tongue traced down to my stomach and bellybutton and he slowly slid my shorts and panties off, torturing me. His hot breath washed over my clit.

"Stop teasing," I moaned out and took his hair in my hand pushing him towards it. I couldn't see it but I knew he was smirking.

He went with slow licks at first, sending waves of pleasure down my body. He started sucking on my clit, and licking more ferociously.

"Oh my god... AndyI need you now." I growled and slid down closer to him.

"Whatever you want beautiful," he smirked again and I wrapped my legs around his torso. He teased the tip at my entrance and slid into me slowly.

I moaned, trying to be as quiet as I could. He quickened his pace, his breathing becoming heavier and quicker. It turned me on so much.

"God, you feel so good around my dick." he muttered.

"I'm c-close," I barely got out. The feeling in my stomach came along and my toes curled. I bit his shoulder trying not to cry out, the pleasure was just too overwhelming. His pace was still quick, trying to get his high as well.

I was throbbing with pleasure and coming down from it. "Close babe?" I asked him quietly.

"I think...fuck! Yes!" he said and he came inside me. His moans were low and his grunts were being restrained I could tell. His chest was rising and falling at a fast pace as he pulled out of me.

He flopped down next to me and grabbed a blanket.

"That was...amazing." I said staring up at my ceiling my head cradled in his arm.

"We should do this more often, the secret is to just stay quiet." he smirked.

I chuckled and cuddled back up to him. We fell asleep with one another, and I knew he'd be gone early so my dad wouldn't catch us.

He was just too perfect for words, and I was lucky.

Hope you liked it :)

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