Chapter Fifteen

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"Dallas, wake up!" Austin hollered as he pounded on my bedroom door. I heard his footsteps disappear into his room and then his door closing. I sighed as I threw the covers off of me and got out of bed so I could get ready for school.

Today was the first day of school and I was no where near excited to go back like I usually was. Ever since Austin and I got back home with mom and dad things around here have been boring and drab. Austin and I have been on lockdown so we haven't been outside or hung out with our friends in over a week and it sucked. Our days were usually spent in our rooms while dad went to work and mom stayed home on bed rest because of how close her due date is.

From what I heard, the rest of the guys got in trouble with their parents as well and were grounded. Stephen's parents were made aware of the situation at football camp and he's gotten the worse punishment out of everyone. His cell phone, computer, and car got taken away and he was grounded on top of that. He's tried to apologize to myself and my parents, but no one was willing to listen, especially Austin.

You know what the worse part is? I haven't heard from Jason since I left football camp. After not getting a response from him the first two days I got home I stopped trying, I wasn't going to seem like a desperate and obsessed girl with all the texting and calling. Yes, I want us to talk again, but I wasn't going to force him to talk. When he decides that he wants to talk to me again then we'll talk, but until then I'll give him his space.

I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth before taking a quick shower. I stepped out the shower a few minutes later and dried off, then pulled on my bra and underwear. I went back to my room and slipped into a pair of white shorts and a turquoise tube top with sandals to match my top. I brushed my hair, which thankfully started growing again, and carefully applied some eyeshadow, eyeliner and lip gloss. Once I was satisfied with my look I grabbed my bag and phone and went towards the kitchen to get something to eat.

"Good morning." Mom cheerfully greeted me.

"Morning." I mumbled and poured some cereal out for me. I wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone, especially mom.

"Well someone is grumpy this morning." Mom said to herself.

"Because we've been locked up for nearly to weeks." Austin added as he stepped into the kitchen. He walked straight past mom and went in search for some food.

Mom sighed and shook her head. "We're not getting into this again."

"I'm just telling you why we're in a bad mood, okay?" Austin shot back and slammed back the fridge door. "I'm leaving Dallas, so either you finish eating now or find your own ride to school."

Austin left without giving me a chance to speak and I flinched when the front door slammed. I knew Austin wasn't bluffing so I pretty much inhaled the rest of my cereal, put my bowl in the sink, and sprinted out the door. I climbed into the truck and didn't say anything to Austin as we pulled out the driveway and towards school.


The school day passed by a blur and before I knew it school was released. Whenever someone came to talk to me I politely made conversation with them, but I wouldn't pay too much attention. Stephen made sure to avoid me at all costs, which caught the attention of a lot of people and soon enough people were whispering in the halls.

As I walked out to the parking lot I checked my phone, just like I been routinely doing for the past week, for any messages from Jason. When I saw that I only had a missed called and voicemail from dad I sighed.

"Dallas, hurry up. We have to get to the hospital." Austin said once I got to the truck.

Panic bubbled in my stomach as I mentally cursed myself for not listening to dad's voicemail, which I'm sure would explain why we needed to go to the hospital. "Why? What happened?" I asked as my hands began to tremble.

"Mom's in labor right now." Austin said as he waited for me to buckle my seatbelt.

My nerves calmed down once I heard why we were going to hospital. I mean, I still didn't like the hospital, but now that I knew it wasn't anything life threatening my worst fears could go away. "Dad called you too I'm guessing?" I asked my brother.

"Yup." He simply said and took off to the hospital.

Silence fell over us and boy was it uncomfortable. Austin and I were never this distant with each other, it felt weird to be honest. We had our fights like every other sibling does, but we were always close and talked to each other constantly so to go from being attached at the hip to becoming what felt like strangers it was a lot to take in.

"Are you mad at me?" I nervously asked Austin.

Austin was quiet for a moment and he heavily sighed through his nose. "No, I'm just mad at myself."

He was mad at himself? Why on earth would he be mad at himself? He hasn't done anything wrong as far as I know. "Why?"

"Because I blackmailed you into going to football camp. You could've been hurt, worse than what you were whenever you were hit during practice. If the guys found out that you were a girl sooner who know what could've happened? What if they touched you or something? I would've never forgiven myself if something happened." He pounded his hand on the steering wheel and clenched his jaw.

I would've never guessed that's why Austin has been so upset lately. I honestly thought he was only pissed that he's been grounded, not because he sent me to camp. I knawed on my lip as I thought of what I should say to him.

"Austin-" I trailed off quietly. I didn't know what to say to him. What could I say to him?

I never got the chance to find out because we pulled into the hospital and Austin got out the truck the second he shut it off. I slowly got out and followed behind Austin. We checked in and took the elevator up to the floor where mom was in labor.

We walked down the hall and saw dad pacing back and forth in the waiting area. When he saw us he momentarily stopped pacing and waited for us to come over.

"Hey guys, I was just waiting for you to get here before I go back in the room with your mother." Dad said and roughly raked his hands through his hair. Just as he stopped talking we heard screaming coming from down the hall. "That would be your mother. I'll come get you guys when we're ready." With that he took off down the hall towards the screaming.

"Great so we're stuck here for who knows how long." Austin grumbled and threw himself back on the chair.

"I'm gonna get something to eat. Want anything from the cafeteria?" I asked him.

"Just a soda." He shrugged and started playing a game on his phone.

I nodded and went back on the elevator down to the first floor where the cafeteria was. Once the elevator stopped I stepped off and followed the signs to the cafeteria. Different scents filled my nose and my stomach made an unflattering noise. I grabbed a chicken caesar salad, a bottle of juice and a soda for Austin. Once I paid I grabbed my food and started walking out until I ran into someone.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention." I apologized and picked up my container of salad that fell on the floor.

"It's alright, I wasn't paying attention either." The person replied.

I picked up my food and gasped when I stood back up.



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