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can i just say that i am so tired everyday?

like seriously, i just want to pack my stuff and go back home and sleep until i can't remember what day it is and whatever shit-

welcome to uni, student problems.

and today is wednesday, which i will be attending chinese language society; the only thing that made me happy is sitting with katsuki.

i opened the door and shuffled towards my seat, sitting next to him with my face buried on the desk; he chuckled while caressed my hair softly and i pouted at him.

"katsuki...i want to sleep..."

"why are you always sleepy? idiot."

i huffed in annoyance and looked to the side, not wanting to look at him; not having enough sleep meaning that my temper was not that good-

he squeezed my hands tightly and i looked at him again; saw him blushed and wanted to say something to me. I kissed his hand and asked him, "huh, katsuki?"

"argh! forget it! i just want to eat lunch with you after class...but since you are so tired..." he muttered.

at this moment, i was so happy because this precious bean wanted to eat with me so badly but i ended up saying that i am so tired and wanting to go home; katsuki really loves me, huh? but i still can't get over the fact that he would always blush all the time when i said something cheesy, he was that type of guy who gets flustered easily; and words comes out from his mouth were always the opposite meaning.

i sighed, i guess i can take a nap later.

"okay! i will eat with you!" my mood brightened up and quickly gave a quick kiss on his lips, the other classmates teased us and i just shrugged it off. katsuki, on the other hand, glared at them and raised up his middle finger-

"katsuki!" i playfully slapped his shoulder and he just rolled his eyes.

"i am eating with you, aren't you happy?" i asked.

"...yes. fuck and i don't care whether you can eat with me or not, i won't be sad or anything; you are tired right? i swear i won't be fucking sad, fuck."

i patted his hair gently and suddenly burst out laughing, he put his phone on the table and looked at me sternly; "what the fuck you want?"

"okay, katsuki. tell me honestly...you planned to ask me out to eat last week but you dragged it until today?" i tried my best to hold my laughter, but it was no use.

he took a deep breath and nodded shyly, and he gritted his teeth to show that he was angry already.

what the hell, he was so cute when he's being so shy and embarrassed.

and our teacher went to our class, she said she will be giving out our assignments; and it also indicates that we can see our results.

when she passed us our paper, i was shocked because we get A in our assignment; katsuki smirked and said,

"fuck, we are perfect in everything."

"hey, be humble-"

then the teacher cleared her throat, wanting to announce something.

"well, it's good that everyone did well in your assignment! the pair that gets the highest marks is..."


well, we get the second highest and katsuki was not happy about it.

but soon he calmed down because i hugged him really tight and he ended up smiled slightly, holding my hands and went to a cafe.

we sat down and he immediately started to rant on me, "yun hee, i can't believe we still get the second highest only."

flipping through the menu, i sighed while looking at him; "katsuki...it's okay, we tried our best already, right?!" then i pinched his cheeks and he flinched but slowly...he pouted and let me squeeze his whole face. i quickly took out my phone and snap a photo of him, he almost shouted and i just laughed it off.

"oi, yun hee!"

"payback, dumbass."

after we had ordered our lunch, i started talking about my stories in class to him; he just nodded and listened to me. he will laugh a bit when i shared him some of my stupid silly incidents when i am with my friends, then-

"tch, why are you so cute?" he blurted out.

then he quickly covered his mouth.


and now i was the one who was blushing.

katsuki smirked at me and said, "aw, who's blushing now? Huh?"

"Katsuki, don't make me whack you."

"are you sure?"

i took both of his hands and cupped my cheeks, his hands were really warm...

then his hands moved up and massaged my temples, i hummed in satisfaction because i felt so good...and holy shit it makes me wants to sleep now-

hey, maybe we can take away the food, you know?" he said.

"huh, why-"

"because i said so, you are so tired and i don't want you to sleep at the cafe."

"katsuki, you miss me right?"


"i fucking miss you, but you are so tired and i felt so guilty for dragging you out-"

i shook my head and caressed his thumb gently, why was he being so considerate all the time? Such a softie.

"i can sleep anytime, katsuki. i just want to be with you."


A/N: guys, i need ur help :( i have suffered writer blocks in these few weeks and idk how to continue this book omg, i mean i do have a few ideas but i wnt ur suggestions! feel free to leave a comment or dm me :) i would really appreciate if you do so ;) thank you <3 uwuuu

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