Mistresses-Jon Snow x Reader

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Two full grown dragons roar and shriek as they flap their wings loudly in the air above the castle. We stare in awe as they come closer and closer before flying higher as to not run into the walls. We both turn to continue to watch and Sansa steps forward to the other end of the parapet.

I breath out, the steam coming from my lips, and shake my head. "Looks like we should head down to meet your new queen."


I stand on the right of Sansa and Bran on her left, waiting patiently to see Jon, or at least as patient as I can be. Jon rides forward, through the arched doorway, on a black horse, looking as regal as ever. I smirk and he spots me but turns away, instead focusing on Bran.

He hops off his horse and takes quick strides to his brother before bending down to kiss his head. "Look at you. You're a man." He smiles wide, staring at Bran.

"Almost," Bran says with a slight smile on his face, making Jon look up to Sansa, confused. She smiles and he goes to her and hugs her.

"Where's Arya?" He mutters, still avoiding eye contact with me.

"Lurking somewhere." She whispers back.

He finally stands in front of me, his eyes looking at the ground as I speak up for him to hear. "Jon?" He glances up to me and I step forward, arms open. I pull him into a hug and he stiffens. "What's wrong?" I whisper in his ear.

He shakes his head, "Later." He whispers back before turning around to look at Daenerys. She smiles and walks forward to stand next to him and my stomach drops at her smile to me, forced and knowing. Jon breaks the silence, "Queen Daenerys of House Targaryen. My sister, Sansa Stark." He turns to me and can't keep eye contact for more than a split second, "And my wife, Y/N Snow, Lady of Winterfell."

"Thank you for inviting us into your home, Lady Snow." She looks around at the snow and buildings everywhere before turning back to me. "The North is as beautiful as your husband claimed. As are you."

I smile, forcefully, and look her in the eyes, trying my best to sound sincere. "Winterfell is yours, Your Grace." She looks taken aback but comes back to normal once Bran speaks up about her dragon becoming a vital asset to the Night King and the news of the wall falling.

I stare at Jon as he finally gets the nerve to look at me. I mouth, 'Tell me what happened.' But he doesn't answer me with anything, just a deep breath and breaking of eye contact.

We leave the courtyard and enter the Great Hall for a planning meeting for how this threat is to be handled. I sit next to Jon, with Sansa behind me and Dany stands on the other side of my husband.

"Lord Umber." I call into the hall, "Come forward." A little boy, no older than eleven, stands and walks to the middle of the room, facing the table we sit at. "When can we expect your people to arrive?"

"We need more horses and wagons if it pleases Your Highness." He turns to Jon, "And my lord." Finally, he turns to Daenerys, "And my queen, sorry." He smiles sweetly.

"You'll have as many as we can spare," Sansa spoke from behind me. "Hurry back to Last Hearth and bring your people here." He bows low and exits the room.

Daenerys pulls the chair next to Jon back to sit and leans back, relaxing. "Why did he call you 'Your Highness' when you are not Queen of the North, Lady Y/N?" She said with bitter undertones.

"I am Queen in my own right with my own country that I still rule. I haven't bent the knee to you." I smile to her and Jon slowly backs out of our glares towards each other. "Nor will I," I say as I lean back just as she did.

Jon speaks up now toward the maester about the Night's Watch and I look at Daenerys, hatred was clear in her eyes and I smile sweetly to her before turning back around to face the hall of northmen.

Jon continues with the meeting and the northmen and my men show more tension with Daenerys and her men. By the end, the air is thick with the hatred that Jon just has to walk out and I follow close behind, blocking the dragon queen's path. He enters our shared chambers and immediately tries to take off his coat but in his hast, knocked over a glass.

He sighs and I raise my hand, making the water flow up and I pick up the cup and place it back on the table before moving the water back inside of it. I step closer to him and help him take off his furs, "What is going on? Don't lie to me, Jon."

His jaw tightens and shakes his head, looking down at his feet. I sigh and move to sit on the bed and pull him down to sit next to me. "Jon?"

"I—I had—" He stuttered and his hands started to fidget. I put my hands on top of his, trying to calm him down. I squeezed them softly and stared at him in his dark eyes. "I had sex with Daenerys."

My eyes widen and my spine straightens. He looked up to see my reaction and I pull my hands from his. "Y/N." He started.

I raise my hand to stop him and I stand up, shaking my head. "You have a wife. Doesn't she know that?" I ask, my voice shaking. He opens his mouth but I keep talking, "No, wait. Don't you know that you have a wife, Jon? I mean you were at our wedding, right? You did tell me you loved me since then, right? Or was I confusing you with someone else?"

His lips tighten into a line and shake his head, "I'm sorry, Y/N. It was a mistake. I do love you." He whispered, the tone of his voice shaking.

"That was not a mistake, you did it on purpose." I hiss.

He stands up and goes to grab my hands, but I pull away again, "I missed you. I won't do it again, I promise."

I scoff and exist the room, not wanting to hear any more of this nonsense.

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