Mistresses-Jon Snow x Reader

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Sorry if this isn't the best I've written. There is some background that is required to fully understand the story so I added that at the beginning. Enjoy!!

This is part one of a two part story!!


Y/N is a warrior queen from an ancient kingdom northwest of Westeros, the only western kingdom known to the Seven Kingdoms. Throughout history, her ancestors have proven to be kind, loyal, and honest with their people and interactions with the leaders of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. The rulers of this kingdom are descended of the Old Gods and were extremely powerful; powerful enough to fend off Aegon the Conqueror when he tried to make it the eighth kingdom.

This line of royals is called The Children of Gods because of the bloodline that makes them demigods. Powers to control the four elements are inherited through the generations and Y/N is especially talented with this power. Even though she has these abilities, she grew up learning how to fight with regular weapons like swords and a bow. Throughout the ages, Y/N's ancestors and the ancestors of the northern houses were in contact and were close allies, especially with the Starks.

In signs of good grace, she made frequent visits with the Starks in Winterfell when she was still a young princess, and became quick friends with the eldest sons of Eddard Stark, Robb and Jon, specifically Jon. Her and Jon would often mess around together and have great fun.

After she came of age and became Queen after the death of her parents, she agreed to make a marriage alliance with the Starks by marrying Robb. Those plans, however, died with Robb at the Red Wedding. With no eldest son that was of age in the Stark family left, Y/N focused on her kingdom and strengthening the army to come to their aid when the time came, especially since the King of Westeros, Joffrey, was continuing to dwindle his ruling advantages.

Near the end of the training for her and her armies, she received notice that the new King in the North was Jon Snow and he was looking to strengthen the alliance and keep the promise of marriage with her family that was broken after the Red Wedding. She accepted and traveled to Winterfell, placing her close friend in the role of regent while she stayed with her new betrothed in Westeros.

She was married to Jon after she arrived and soon fell back into a great friendship then love as time continued to go on, much like Eddard and Catelyn Stark's relationship.

Jon was called to go to Dragonstone to bend the knee to Queen Daenerys Targaryen and he left, making Y/N stay in Winterfell for her safety and the extra protection for Winterfell with her being there. She agreed reluctantly and looked forward to her husband's return.


"I can't believe that Jon bent the knee," Sansa whispered as we stand on the stone parapets, waiting for a sign of Jon outside the tall walls of Winterfell.

I shake my head, "He might have only done it to get her to help us." I sigh as I see another set of people walk up to the entrance way to the courtyard, preparing for their King's arrival. Though I don't know what he is now in the north now that he surrendered his crown to the dragon queen.

"We could've easier made it through this war with you and your army. We don't need her."

"Well, she has two dragons. If she was an enemy to us, then the issue Torrhen Stark faced would repeat itself. We might not need her help but we also don't need her burning the north to force us into submission."

She opens her mouth as if to speak but stops as she stares, shocked, up into the sky. I follow her gaze as to not miss what she saw but it was hard to miss anyway. Dragons.

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