Mistresses Pt. 2-Jon Snow x Reader

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SPOILERS FOR SEASON 8!!! Though I did change some things to add a different ending if the reader was in the Battle of Winterfell.



Arya follows close behind me as I walk through the godswood to pray but she is persistent for me to listen to her. "Jon needs you right now. What he did was wrong, but Daenerys can't be able to control his life this much." She grabs my arm and turns me around right as the heart tree came into view. "He does love you, he just made the same mistake our father did."

I shake my head and she sighs, "Please, just at least talk to him. He is still your husband." I nod and she finally leaves me.

I get to my knees in front of the tree and think back to how horribly wrong this relationship went after he left for Dragonstone. I bow my head and begin my daily routine of praying to my ancestors, tears coming to my eyes.


I enter the Great Hall at the request of Daenerys and I spot inside a fire crackling softly in the background as Lyanna Mormont and Sansa speak together and Jon sits next to Daenerys but refused to look or talk to her. I walk slowly to the table and as I reach the middle of the room, Dany speaks, stopping me in my tracks. "Lady Y/N."

"Queen Daenerys, you do understand that I am a Queen just as much as you are? Maybe more, actually." I explained, trying my hardest not to smirk.

Her smile immediately fades into a snarl and she continues, "That is why I want to speak with you. Bend the knee and we don't have to worry about this title issue."

I laugh softly before I respond, "I assume that you know the history of Aegon the Conqueror but this part might be a little blurry, so let me explain." I clear my throat, "Aegon tried to take my country from my ancestors but was unable to because of the fact that my people are more powerful than him and his dragons, which I assume is still the case." I smile at her and see out of the corner of my eye, Sansa and Lyanna smiling.

She takes a second to regain her composure before smiling again, expect a little strained this time. "But I haven't seen any of these powers, do they even still exist?" She tilted her head to the side and furrowed her eyebrows.

I looked at Jon, who looked at her nervously as if I would do anything to hurt her. I laugh and shake my head. I look around the room before my eyes land on the fire behind Jon and Daenerys. I rub my hands together in mock chills, "I think the fire is going out, it's getting colder, don't you think." I raise my hands and they look behind them at the crackling fire as it grew and grew into a stronger flame then it had been when it started.

She turns back around to me and her smile was wiped right off her face.

I smirk, "That is why my family is called 'The Children of Gods', Your Highness, though that is not my abilities limit. I wouldn't want to ruin this beautiful thing by introducing a foreign concept." I can't help but scoff the end of the sentence as her eyes glance slowly to Jon then back to me, "Now, I have to finish with the training of some of my men before the battle." I curtsy very slowly and not low before looking at Jon and turning to walk out.


I stood next to Davos on the top of the castle, waiting for him to give the signal to light the fire around Winterfell. The darkness floated through everyone's eyes and hearts and the hope seemed to lessen and lessen with every passing moment. The screams of pain and fear echo through the night as more and more of our men collapse under the undead, blood pooling on the white snow.

"Light the trench!" A yell calls up to us and Davos grabs two torches and waves them together for Daenerys to see them and to set fire to the trenches. After a few moments, nothing happened and he lowered the torches.

"She can't see us." He muttered and walked backward.

"Wait," I say and raise my hands to the sky. I ball my fists and the mist mirrors my movements as I pull my fists apart. The mist separated and Drogon and Daenerys are visible. Davos begins waving the torches again and she flies back, setting fire to the trenches as the wights approached them.

Drogon starts flying through the sky with fire escaping his mouth and burning the wights on the ground, "She can't do it all alone," I mutter to myself. I raise my hands once again and bring the flames Drogon just caused to grow. I swept my hands left and right of the original fire and it spread over all the wights in that area, buying the troops in front of the castle more time.

I drop my hands once the fire dies out and look around for another opportunity to give advantages to us. I looked all around and decided that there was nothing up here that I could do so I traveled to the other end of the castle closest to the godswood, just as we planned. I was to give extra protection to Bran when it came time.

As soon as I get there, I hear screeches above me, drawing my attention to the skies once again. I can't see anything because of the clouds so I swipe as I had done earlier. The three dragons were entangled in another dance of dragons. Fire everywhere and Jon and Dany almost repeatedly fell off, trying to avoid it. I shake my head and raise my hands as blue flames come from Viserion's mouth. It stops before it has time to reach Jon and a jerk caused by Drogon made the Night King fall from his dragon. I take a deep breath.

Rhaegal begins to fall from the sky and I rush down the steps of the castle and run as fast as I can to where the dragon is going to land. My running wasn't quick enough so I clenched my fists, feeling the snow under me form into a type of platform. I push my arms behind me and I speed quicker toward Rhaegal.

Keeping one hand behind me to control the movement of the snow, I brought my other hand in front of me and turned most of the snow in the vicinity into a cushion for Rhaegal to land in. He crashes to the ground with a cry of pain and Jon flies through the air, falling onto the snow. "Jon!" I exclaim.

Stopping the snow transport, I run the rest of the way as best I could in the snow and help him up. "Are you okay?"

"Yea, I'm okay." His voice deepens and he starts walking quickly toward where the Night King fell.

Daenerys on Drogon stayed in the air in one spot looking down at him until the dragon's fire lit up the entire area around him. Jon and I approached carefully as Jon held my arm back behind him so I wouldn't get in the fire's way. We stopped and held our breath waiting to see if the Night King had died as the fire slowly diminished.

Out of the fire, the Night King walked unburnt and picked his spear and aimed. I gasped and Daenerys and Drogon instantly flew away, barely moving out of the way of the flying spear.

Once she was gone, he began to make his way to the godswood. Jon breath started to increase as we unsheathed our swords and followed close behind him. We slow down as the Night King stops and turns to face us. His face cracks slowly into a smirk before he lifts his arms up. "No," I mutter and run forward as fast as I possibly could, Jon close behind me.

The dead among us slowly rise to stand up, surrounding us completely. We stop and I look around and notice the leftover fire. I sheathe my sword and raise my hand and pull forward the fire. It comes closer and I circle my arm above my head twice, the fire wiping out all of the wights within a radius around us.

Once it was only the three of us left, Jon ran the last few paces and stabbed the Night King through the chest. For a split second, he had a shocked, angry expression on his icy features before they began to crack and shatter into millions of pieces right in front of us.

I take a deep breath in, the smoke filling my lungs and I begin to start coughing. Jon turns around and walks to me, sheathing his sword. My coughing fit ends and he stands awkwardly in front of me, watching what I would do next. I looked into his dark eyes and saw sadness. I shook my head and leaped forward, engulfing him into a hug.

I smile into his shoulder and his grip tightens around my waist. "I'm sorry." He whispers.

I shake my head, "Let's not talk about that now." I broke apart from him and smiled at him, with my hands moving to his face, "I love you."

"I love you too, Y/N."

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