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Billies POV

As he lies me down he unclip and unclips my bra and leans down to kiss me he then kisses my neck and starts to kiss my sweet spot

"Baby don't leave a bruise" I moan and grab the back of his neck as he starts to use suction

"Mmm" I moan as he starts to move his head down my body kissing my boobs and tummy all the way down to my sweatpants

He glances at me smiling but it soon went away and looked like sadness

He looks back at me and licks he's lips and and smiles

He pulls me sweatpants down leaving me in my panties

He looks at me for the third time and looks at me a way he's never looked at me before he was so seducing and it made me so wet and he could tell he smiled and lick my pussy over my panties

"Mamas you so wet right now" he grinned
"Mmhm" I shook my head and bit my finger
"You remember what I said on the phone right" he said crawling on top of me

"Next time I see you you won't be able to walk" he whispered into my ear

As he moved away he looked at me i the eyes and started kissing my body all the way down to my panties not breaking eye contact

He tilts his head to the side and grins making that same face I've never seen before. He pull my panties down slowly and continues to kiss my body till he got to my lips

I bite my lips as he slid his tongue in between my folds

"Uhh" I moan as he pushes his fingers inside me
"Oh fuck baby" I grab on to the sheets as I'm about to cum

He makes eye contact and smiles as he takes his fingers out

"Mmmm no what are you doing?" I say as he moves his face away

He likes his lips and stands up to take his pants off
And I don't know if my eyes have always been broken or something but his dick was huge like bigger than normal

"Did you take a pill?" I asked
"No what the fuck" he laughed
"Shit Baby you look so much bigger"

he moves his body on top of mine putting half of his dick in and he then grabs my throat like usual

I bit my lips as I moan and adjusted his grip I little tighter

He grunts
"Are you ready?" He asks
I smile and nodded my head
As he pushes the rest inside of me I grabbed onto the bed again to grip something

As he picked up the pace I grabbed onto him and came while scratching again
I let out a loud moan and my legs start to shake

Brandon's POV

When Billies legs start to shake I know I'm doing something right I lean down while thrusting inside of her and connected to her lips

I begin to feel the sharp stings in my back and smiled I pull out of the kiss and say up and put her legs on my shoulders

At this point I was fucking her so hard all you could her was skin slapping and Billies loud moans I began to sweat as I flip her over like she's a toy and bmoved her body way closer

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