1. Meet Xiuying

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There is a archipelago, forty-five-hundred miles away from Australia, nicknamed the Diamond Archipelago for it's shimmer and glamour like Hollywood, or a Caribbean island, but the official name of this archipelago is Kingdom of Calcis, and no one knows where it came from, or how it still has a monarchy, even after being colonized by the English, the Spanish, and the Dutch. The archipelago consist of seven islands, the area all together is five thousand-eight hundred-fifty square miles, the main island The Waterless Isle is center, with six others surrounding it, all connected by singular roads, and in the late eighteen hundreds and early nineteen hundreds the island was densely populated by natives, and immigrants from Asia, later after World War Two, immigrants came from various European countries, especially English. Although the world knows that there are creatures in the world that are human-like, the place where they exist the most is on Calcis, earning the country another nickname, Monstrum Islands. Despite the name, Calcis has become a tourist hub, and is known for their strong police force. With much emphasis on strong when it comes to a certain detective...

August 19, 2010, 6:30AM
It was mid-August. Still early in the school year for Calcian children. Many power walked or biked to school and a young girl named Xiuying Yang was no different. She was munching on a small container containing the homemade twice cooked mackerel and white rice that her loving Uncle Chun-Hai made for her, it was cooked so well that she could eat the softened bones no problem.

It was six-thirty last time she checked, she had thirty minutes before the first bell rang, she quickly hopped up the stairs of her school, as she finished her breakfast. She rushed to put away her empty breakfast box, everyone she sped walked past greeted her, she greets them and quickly sat in her homeroom.

"Xiuying how are you I haven't seen you since break." a girl said coming up to her and hugged her.

"Work got me worn out, there were weeks where there were twenty-five cases back to back." Xiuying said tracing her finger on the desk.

"That explains why your arm and legs are still in battle mode.", the girl pointed out.

Xiuying looks in confusion before realizing what she meant, her cybernetic arms and legs were big, bulky and intimidating like armor. "Oh." she says before chuckling, she wills herself to tone it down, so it was more friendly in appearance. "Been a cyborg since I was seven years old and I still forget how to switch modes sometimes." Xiuying says jokingly, they both laugh as the first bell rang, and class was in session.

August 19, 2010, 4:00PM
Xiuying readjusted the straps on her backpack, before walking home, she hears her phone ring.

"Captain." she says addressing her boss.

"Detective, where are you?" her boss asks.

"Uh Vine Avenue, why?" she asks curiously.

"Make a left when you reach the intersection, there's been a death on Guild Street."

"Yes sir." Xiuying says before beginning to run, running until she got to Guild Street, a area sectioned off with police yellow tape. Xiuying drops her bag and flashes her badge before entering the scene. "Do we have an ID on the victim?" Xiuying asks one of the paramedics at random, the paramedic looked at her with a dumbfounded look. "Uhm...yes! Twenty five-year-old Maria Reyes, she was a student at Northride University, and-"
"She's a single woman, a devout Roman Catholic and had a friend with her. Thanks." Xiuying finishes the paramedic's sentence, before walking away. She goes to the body, where Maria was laid in the same way Jesus was crucified. "Detective Yang." she turns around and sees her superior, Sergeant Cynthia Allaway, a piebald centauress with words as strong as her kick, and a brain faster than her run.

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