Dates and Suprises

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Masky and Toby had been dating for about a year. They moved out of the mansion about two months ago. It was a lot more peaceful and slender let them be most of the time. He just came sometimes to check on Toby, Toby was like a son to slender. Masky in the other hand would have loved to kill slender, he hated when slender visited. Masky was in bed sleeping at the moment, When a hyperactive Toby came in with a tray of food. "H-Hey Timmy!! I-I m-made you b-breakfast!!!" Toby nearly dropped the tray in excitement. Masky smiled at him and sat up, taking the tray away from Toby before he did end up dropping it.  "Thank you Toby, come here and give me a hug" Toby did as he was told, and 'Timmy' kissed Toby as a thank you for the food. As soon as Tim did that Toby squeaked a bit, before kissing him back. Toby had a surprise for Tim, and really hoped it all worked out. So far it was going to plan. knowing there luck something bad was going to happen.

Toby decided to set up a date for him and Tim. He wanted to do a date while it was light out, and a date where it was dark out. So he started the daylight date, choosing to have it in an area of the forest with less trees and a lake. He layed a blanket on the ground, putting a pair of his and Tim's swim shorts on top of it. After that he grabbed a cute, flower decorated pinic basket Tim made him. Putting it on the center, left (CL) side of the blanket. He put a mini table in the actual center, it had a vase with Night Sky Petunias, plus a few yellow and orange Rose's. He thought it looked really nice. All Toby had to do was get Tim to come and enjoy the day with him.

Toby had went home and got Tim, right now they we're walking to the date, holding hands. It was peaceful and not to hot out. Tim was really enjoying this, it made him feel special when Toby did these kinds of things. Toby dragged Tim a bit. Being over excited as usual. Once they got there Tim was speechless, and kissed Toby. It was a very simple date, but thought and view was everything to Tim.

Toby and Tim sad down, talking and eating the food Toby made for them. It wasn't anything special, and a bit less then Toby normally made for dates. Tim decided not to question it, they we're probably just running out of food. They we're both enjoying the date. Masky loved seeing happy to do something for him, and Toby loved doing anything he could for Tim. During the day they talked about serious topics like Adopting and less serious ones like how cute a turtle duck is. A little bit after eating and cuddling they changed into there swimwear. The water was nice and warm, the entire lake was quite peaceful and pretty. The lakes later was pretty clear which was very nice.

Masky swam for an hour or two before heading back home. Tim was exhausted and went to take a nap. Toby being the way he is went and started getting ready for the second date. This one was going to be special. He had help from some of the other pastas to make the date possible. He was making German food, with french dessert. It took a while to make about 2-ish hours. Maybe a little more. He just wanted it to be perfect for his love. Toby had put the food on fancy plates, wrapping it up and putting it in the basket from earlier. Right before he leaves to set it up, he leaves Masky a note and grabs a bag of flower petals. Toby went to the area he and some other pastas help made perfect. Toby set down the food. And double checked everything, making sure the lights worked, food was perfect, etc. After he finished checking everything he made a path to the out of flower petals. Once he went inside he saw Tim and gave him a kiss, told him to get dressed fancy and took a shower.

After Toby took a shower, he got dressed fancy. And went over to Tim, giving him a kiss on the cheek. Toby grabbed Tim's hand and led him outside. Toby was leading Tim to the date, Tim didn't know it was going to be a bit than just a date. By the time they got to the place, the sun was setting. Tim stared at Toby in sock. The area was beautiful, pretty fairy lights surrounding it, bushes filled with flowers, in the middle was a table and two chairs. All three made out of expensive wood. Tim hugged Toby, he had out done himself this time.

They both took a seat and chatted while eating. It was pleasant and time just flew by. Around midnight, When the moon was at it's brightest Toby got up and went in front of Tim. Getting down on one knee he proposed; "T-Timmy, your l-last n-name sucks and I-I want you to h-have mine. So..w-w-will you marry me?" Toby twitched a bunch when asking Tim to marry him, And Tim just about died from how adorably stupid that proposal was. "Toby you are so fucking stupid-" Masky got cut off by Toby "I-I know I-Im s-so sorry" Toby twitching got worse. Tim stared at Toby "Of course ill fucking marry you." Tim grabbed Toby's face, kissing him with all the love he had.

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