chapter one

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yoongi's pov 

i smile as i receive a notification signaling i got a message from y/n. i quickly unlock my phone to check whatever she sent me. it's a photo of her making a funny face. i put my cigarette down and save the photo to my camera roll. i immediately set the photo as my phones wallpaper. 

text messages

yoongi: you're so cute princess. 

y/n: you're making me blush. stop. 

yoongi:  i'm just stating the facts princess. 

y/n: lol sure. anyways what are you doing? 

yoongi: texting you obviously. 

y/n: mhmm. only that? 

yoongi:  yup. 

y/n: it's 8:00pm. and i know what you usually do at 8:00pm when i'm not with you. 

yoongi: oh my fucking gosh y/n. i thought i told you to stop with that. 

y/n: and i thought i told you to stop smoking. 

yoongi: it's none of your business y/n. 

y/n: when it's about your health and well being it is my business. 

yoongi: what i do with my body is none of your concern. 

y/n: i'm only trying to help you yoongi. you said so yourself. you wanted to stop.  

yoongi: exactly. wanted. past tense. smoking helps me feel calm and relaxed. so just stay out of business and fuck off. 

y/n: fine. if that's what you want. it's pretty clear you don't want my help. 

yoongi: exactly. i don't want your help and i don't need it. 

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