I have the need, the need for speed.

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This sorting process is taking so long that it feels as though it's being written by an author who abandoned the story for years, only to come back and finish their crappy fanfic because they're an absurd completionist who can't sleep soundly at night knowing that they've left their story unfinished. They should definitely streamline it. I guarantee that I could make a mechanism that automates the whole process. 

When the old lady calls my name, I hurry over to the stool, wanting to get the whole affair done with ASAP so we can all reunite and talk about the pile of nonsense we've stepped into. The hat pitter-patters between the houses, but soon enough, it yells out "RAVENCLAW".

I join Calypso with a wink, and together we turn towards Frank, a solitary figure standing in the dining room.  

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