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Hey guys! This is another book of mine. I hope you find this book interesting😊

Thank you for choosing to read this book because you could be reading some other book but you chose to read this one...

I'm not gonna write much and keep you guys waiting. All I want to say is this book is not edited. Please.....if you don't like books that are unedited, don't read it but hell the book is interesting!

Oh and no plagiarism. I hope you can find your own ideas because I know my readers are creative😊

You can also check out my other books like, Arranged marriage and Married to my sister's fiance. They're amazing!

Anyways, this is all I have to say. Just lay down/sit back/eat and be ready to explore this book.

Trust me....it's good. This is the third time I'm so excited to write a book, and when you see me excited, just know it's gonna be a good book😉


From your Author--❤

[This book will continue after I've completed 'Arranged Marriage]


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