Hey Guys

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Hello everyone! How's it going?

So I will be posting things about the book on my profile. Like where the announcements are instead of having to write them in some sort of Authors note here. So if you would like to hear about the updates then you can always head to my profile and check it out. Or even follow me. That's up to you.

I might as well give you one last update here.

I am working on another chapter at the moment. I apologize for taking longer than I normally would to get a chapter up. Exams are about 4-5 weeks away and I'm starting to stress over everything now. I'm beginning to get tired earlier than I normally would but end up staying up longer than I should be. My thoughts are everywhere, making it harder to right out chapters and think of ideas.

I thought I would just give you an update about that in case any of you were just wondering.

Once again I apologize for not updating as much as I normally would.

Oh and Over 12K reads!!! Holy bananas! Thank you guys!

Remember if you have any ideas for any chapters, I'm looking for suggestions.

I'm just going to do fluff for a little bit and go from there.

Thank you guys for understanding and reading this book.

Have a goodnight/good day everyone! 💙💙

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