baby princess

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princess pov

ever since the day nova and her friends came over i've been super little . i don't like how little i am. my head space is a one year old. i feel helpless sometimes.

"dada!!!", i kick and scream from my crib.
he comes in running, "what's wrong?"
"wet", i mumble in my baby voice.
"it's okay, daddy will take care of it", he picks me up and puts me on the changing table.
"paci! stuffie!", i whine.
"what's the magic word?"
"pwease", i try saying but it's a babbling mess.
"good", he sticks my favorite pacifier in my mouth and gives me mr.fluffy.

he changes me and gives me a new fresh diaper. he bounces me on his hip. uh oh. when i'm this little i can't control my bladder and i accidentally pee.

"me wee wee", i giggle.
"again, princess? next time tell me if you have more left", i nod my head not understanding his big people words.

he changes me for the second time and puts me down on the ground near all my toys. most of them i couldn't figure out how play with. so i just played with my stuffies. i had forgotten most of their names. oopsie.

after some time daddy came and got me. he took me down the stairs and into the kitchen. he put a bib around my neck and gave me some food.

"tum tum", i kick my feet as he brings the food to me.
"i know you're hungry, i'm coming", he places the food and a fork and spoon in front of me.

i went to pick up the spoon but my hands couldn't figure out how to do it. i got frustrated and pushed the food with all little force i had off the high chair and onto the ground.

"princess!", i cross my arms and giggle.
"you think this is funny? i don't wanna punish you but i will"

daddy cleans up my mess and tries to feed me again. i eat it. he runs a bath while i watch in awe at the bubbles in the water.

"wat dos?", i point to the white fluffy things in the water.
"b-bupp-les", i try to pronounce.
"yep", daddy chuckles at me and kisses my head.

he strips me from my clothes and puts me in the water. i giggle and play with the bubbles. i use my small hands to splash water at daddy and he doesn't find it funny.

"princess don't splash bubbles at me", the only words i understand are bubbles and splash some at him again.

he swats my hand lightly but it makes me sad and i start to cry. daddy coos me and rubs my back, apologizing.

it makes me feel better.

daddy adds some yummy smelling soap to the bath and makes the bubbles and water pink. at first, i'm afraid of it but then giggle at it. it smelled like strawberries.

when daddy turns away i lick the pink bubbles trying to taste it but am unsuccessful. i grabs the soap almost dropping it and pour it into my hands. i lick the pink goopy liquid and scream.

daddy turns back to me.

i stick my tongue out, kicking and screaming. water goes everywhere. daddy picks me up from out of the water and rises my mouth and i cough up some bubbles.

"princess don't ever put things like that in your mouth", i nod. "i think bath time is over"
"no, no. mo baf", i pout.
"fine only a few more minutes", he places me back in and drops some water toys in.

i play with shelly the mermaid and bubbles the fish. as i take them on their water adventures through the ocean. uh oh. i had to go wee wee and poo poo. i was too busy play to remember i wasn't wearing a diaper.

daddy begins to wash my hair with some soap as i push out my poop and pee. i turn around to see it floating in the water and the bath is now a orange color.

"geez princess, you could have told me you needed to go potty"
"i forget. no diapie", i whine.

he takes me out the water and i look down out the now brown water.

"icky water"
"yes, very", he wrap a towel around me and places me on the bed as he cleans the bath.

i roll off the bed and crawl into the living room. some of my toys were there and most importantly my paci. i was now sleepy.

i jumped onto the couch and wrapped my monster high blankie around me and snuggled into the couch. i was chilly since i was still wet. i grabbed mr. fluffy and my paci and fell asleep.

i woke up in daddy's warm and safe arms. i still felt wet.

"dada", i whimper quietly.

he shushes me and places me on the changing table. my barely open my eyes and see pee running down my leg.

"i wee wee?"
"yes, on the couch but it's okay"
"i sworry", i say falling back asleep.
"it's okay, my sweet little princess", i feel my diaper being changed and warm clothes on my little body.

and finally a nice soft pillow on my bed and mr. fluffy next to me.

i loved being a baby. sometimes.

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