You're my friend but i'd totally bang you if you asked

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You're my friend but i'd totally bang you if you asked -Bandit4Life
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Summary :
"I'm sure between the two of us I'd be the top and you would be the bottom."

Yoongi looks amused, tongue poking into his cheek as he seizes him with a challenging look.


Taehyung and Yoongi get a little too competitive when arguing over who would top between the two of them and Jimin suffers because of his friends.


"I never thought that you'd realize that you like Taehyung because you saw his dick but here we are," Jimin says, his voice is low and eyes wide open, like saucers. He walks slowly, almost carefully through the room to lean against his boyfriend, "Some of us scarred for life."
Taehyung hasn't always been the most competitive person on earth. Maybe Jeongguk is rubbing off on him – too many overwatch matches, bowling, and strength matches left Taehyung a little frustrated and too eager to win but nothing of that could explain how exactly Yoongi and he ended up in this ridiculous conversation.

He's not even sure how they ended up there. Like, he thought maybe this day would be awkward because he's not really often alone with the elder. More used to being around him with their group of friends. If he thinks about it, he's never really been alone with Yoongi until today. Not sure how it happened but it did and he doesn't really understand why they've never done this sooner. (Not that he never wanted to. He just thought it would be easier to stay away from the elder if wants to keep his heart whole because unfortunately, Min Yoongi belongs to the species known as heterosexuals. Sadly. Taehyung swears the other is too cute to be straight but well, nothing he could change right? That still hasn't stopped him from crushing on the elder so he just decided to stay away from him as much as possible.)

Yoongi comes back with him to his apartment – it's small, it's simple but he likes it. He likes it a lot even though it's sometimes a little messy which is definitely due to his roommate. Jeongguk – the one who is the cause of all this. All of this freaking mess is the fault of the one and only Jeon Jeongguk. It has been one of Jeongguk's magazine lying around on their couch. The cover features two very minimalistic clothed men in a rather compromising position and of course, it has been the first thing the elder notices upon entering the apartment.

"So, you're into that?" Yoongi asks the second he spots the magazine lying openly on one of the couch cushions and to Taehyung's horror the other starts flipping through the pages as nonchalantly as if he's skimming the newspaper. To put it simply, Taehyung has no idea what he's supposed to do. His crush is sitting on his couch – his very straight crush sits on his couch and skims a gay porn magazine of his roommate. What a headline that would be. Man's heterosexual crush casually looks through the gay porn magazine of roommate and asks about man's sexuality like he wants to know the weather. (Why the hell Jeongguk still keeps porn magazines when the freaking internet and his whole boyfriend exist is beyond him.)

What's he even supposed to say? For Taehyung his sexuality has never been an issue, he's always been pretty open about it but that might be a disadvantage now. Min Yoongi entered the little group of friends around a year ago and since then Taehyung has been intrigued but because he's very open about his sexuality he never really felt the need to come out to everyone he met. He just assumed people knew but it seems like Yoongi doesn't. The elder wouldn't judge him. Of course not when he literally adores Taehyung's best friends who lead a very healthy homosexual relationship. But still.

"That's not mine," Taehyung dumbly says and he keeps hovering awkwardly in front of Yoongi, not sitting down on the couch.
"So you're not?" The elder asks and Taehyung could see the hint of a smile trying to steal itself on the other's lips. It's endearing and if Yoongi wouldn't look at freaking gay porn right in front of his eyes, Taehyung would need to suppress his cooing.

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