A Bitter Taste (24)

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She blew out a heavy breath as the guard opened the door for her. This time he wasn't so stiff and cold as he bowed his head at her. This she appreciated.

After a week of training with Klein, Aeress felt more refreshed than ever before. It felt like she was finally gaining back some measure of control. Yeah, control. Something she was beginning to regard as a bastardous, elusive force.

She walked into their room. Her heart jumped as she saw Warrick in his usual place, skimming technology which was supposedly banned from the island. Perhaps a Premier was above the law.

"Warrick," she breathed, smiling openly as she approached him. She noted that he was dressed in a full-on, all black suit. His skin was especially pale as the late afternoon was soon to arrive.

His arctic gaze failed in evoking fear. This may have made her dumb, or arrogant, but she didn't care enough to contemplate it. "Aeress." The lilt of his accent so starkly compared to his plain, bored tone.

"Working? I'm sweaty, sorry." She didn't bother to ask and simply plucked the laptop off his lap and replaced it with her. He was stiff... and not in the way she had hoped.

His hand glided over her thighs and he held on to her. This made the tension relieve just enough. "Today was a short day?"

She leaned her head on him, slinging her arm around his shoulders and absent-mindedly gliding her fingers against the arm of his suit jacket. "Yeah." She sighed. "Klein has something to attend to. A meeting I think. The session was cut after a couple hours. I was kind of relieved though, I need a break. And I feel like I haven't see you as often as before."

His jaw clenched. His muscles bunched up underneath her.

"What?" She could tell right away that he was a little off.

He shook his head.

She narrowed her gaze at him. "What, hmm? Something's bothering you. What's wrong?"

He closed his eyes as if to concentrate. "Aeress, we need to talk..."

"About what?" she laughed, half annoyed and half curious.

He finally turned to look at her again. So much chaos caught up in blue. "I wish I could just..." she was caught off guard when his hand crept in between her legs. Aeress reacted without thought and began kissing his neck. The taste of his flesh against her lips was like heaven. He was just so warm yet so cold, like a statue in the dead of winter, caught up in a rare day of sunshine.

"I didn't realize 'we need to talk' is code for-woah!" she gasped and bit down on his neck as he dipped his hand under the waistband of her underwear. She moved so that she was straddling him on the couch with her lips stationed on him.

He ripped her pants down so that they were bunched up by her knees, as were her cotton undies. She reached up, clashing her lips against his, hissing out a breath against his mouth as he pleasured her roughly, rather like he demanded that she orgasmed.

She held onto him and kissed him with equal earnest. His taste soaked into her, repleting her to the brim until she could quite literally explode. Her hips grinded against him, pushing her naked flesh against the familiar touch of his rough, calloused hand, that burned her without warning or care.

"Warrick," she moaned, begged, taking it upon herself to rip his expensive button-up wide open, exposing his heavily inked skin. She touched him with pride, feeling in a way that this was her mark which overwhelmed his body.

His anger could not be ignored, she could feel it on her tongue, leaving behind a bitter taste. But she took all of it, absorbed every last drop, just so long as it was him.

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