Chapter Fifty-One

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Nikolai Grant Trevelyan never had been frightened in his life after the day he killed his father. He knew that death was just at his doorstep, waiting for the debts to be paid with his life. He wasn't afraid of death he had already embraced death ever since.

The moment that Catriona screamed on top of her lungs made his heart drop to his feet. He didn't know what to do. He saw blood coming from Catriona. He was then, afraid.

He was frightened two times in a week.

And when Nikolai saw Catriona on her white nightgown standing on the baluster of the balcony, the adrenaline woke the strength in his body that he never knew of and ran faster than he could ever be.

He was afraid at the thought of losing his wife.

Seated on the bed Catriona moved her head and finally looked at Nikolai but her eyes were dead. He stared at his wife's face as he sat on the bed that used to be his mother's.

It had been three days since Catriona attempted to suicide and five days since they lost the child inside her.

Nikolai moved closer.

Seeing Catriona like this made him want to kill her family and himself. They had done this to her. If only. . .

He cupped her cheeks and leaned forward with their forehead touched together. There's no emotion from Catriona, not even a flinch. Nothing. As if she's already gone. "If only I didn't marry you, Catriona. Perhaps," he paused and closed his eyes, "Perhaps you'll have a better life than being with me. If only I had made you move to your grandfather's home after I almost killed you. I'm sorry if I was selfish to hope that you'll stay after what happened. It's all my fault."

Nikola's hands fell on Catriona's sides, he then rests his head on her shoulder and took in a shuddering breath catching her scent of violets that blooms in summer.

Nikolai should have rejected her at the altar.

The marriage. Their marriage.

He could still picture her in her white dress, beautiful as the light with delicateness in each step she takes. The people who watched her was captivated at her unearthly beauty except for him. And yet somehow, hidden deep in his heart he was also had been bewitched by her. He watched her with cold eyes, angry and hurt at the same time from what she did. She lied to him. Lied to his face when she said that she doesn't have a lover.

The day of their wedding, Catriona met her lover behind the church as the guests fill the church.

Nikolai watched from the window, betrayed look on his face. With Catriona's back at him, she ran to her lover in her wedding dress and kissed the man.

He hired someone to investigate on Catriona and her lover immediately after the wedding leaving her alone in their supposed wedding night.

And when the investigation was completed it was already too late. He had hurt her to the point that it couldn't be forgiven. He slashed harsh words at her face and to the point of almost killing her. Dumbfounded, when she agreed to punish him and made him her personal guard.

It was only before the ball that he found out that Catriona never had a lover before and after the wedding. Lilian was wrong. His wife never had cheated on him.

According to the prisoner after the torturous interrogation, he was ordered by a lady in a hood to deliver a message behind the church and was shocked when the bride kissed him. The prisoner also told that the eyes of the bride weren't the color of gold but blue.

Suddenly, a hand touched his cheek that made his train of thoughts to be cut. He moved his head away from her shoulder.

"Catriona?" he spoke her name in a whisper.

A minute had passed and still, she didn't speak. She stared at him with soulless eyes.

There was a knock on the door. "Princess Lucinda, Sir McQueen, and Lady Romanov are already here," a maid announced behind the closed door.

"Tell them I'll be there in a minute."

"Yes, Sir."

Nikolai took one last look as he places his hand over her's which was on his cheek and leaned towards Catriona's hand. "I love you, Cat." He kissed her wrist. "Come back. Give me a second chance, Cat. A second chance to right my wrong. A second chance to love you the way you really deserve. Please come back." Then kissed her forehead and left the room.

Outside, Evie—the personal maid of Catriona—stood leaning on the wall. Nikolai knew that the maid was no ordinary maid the moment he saw her beside her master.

Nikolai gave the maid a solemn nod before trudging down the hall.

His thoughts dwelled on the person who impersonated Catriona on the wedding day. From what he remembered there's no other wedding after them and before.

As he gets closer to where his guests were, their loud voices were heard outside the room.

"—for the love of saints, that man is a virgin," Yvonne said as Nikolai open the door.

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